I Can’t Believe It’s Over…

In Uncategorized on January 27, 2009 at 5:53 pm

It has been one week since Obama was sworn in as the new President. This piece of news is not the focus for me; after all I did not vote for Obama or anyone else for that matter. All week long though I keep remarking to Phil that I can’t believe it’s over. I cannot believe that the Bush reign of eight years is actually over. At one point we were both laughing because we have gotten so used to being abused by his policies that we hardly know what to do with ourselves now…In reality we will keep working to live out Micah 6:8… Yet, the constant “Are you kidding me?” moments of Bush’s presidency are gone. We are unfortunately left in the wake of his presidency- gross and unjust military spending, wars in two countries, humanitarian crises that have not been addressed, economic collapse from policies of greed, great losses to our privacy, support for discriminatory sex policies, a church that is often more aligned with the Republican party and American interests that the Bible, shattered international relationships, a NAFTA that is not working, a criminal justice system that is even more unjust, and no justice for the poor….the list could go on. Let me be clear that I do not hate our former president, but instead have a righteous anger towards his actions as president. Thus with great joy I can say it is over and that I have great hope for the future. Obama will not be our savior, but instead Christ has empowered the church to be the change the whole world is in need of.



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