In Uncategorized on February 6, 2009 at 12:01 am

So I am sitting here at almost midnight watching my husband sound asleep as I get ready to start a paper that is due tomorrow morning at 8am. It is a tad depressing. On the up side is that I am drinking a combination of Richmond tea and Echinacea tea (you know since my immune system will take a nose dive after a night of no sleep) and am thoroughly enjoying it. Another upside is that Phil randomly moves in his sleep and makes noises that I find to be quite amusing and cute.  The downside of this night is that I just finished a paper that was due by midnight tonight and feel that I did not have enough time to proofread it. My papers are at their best only when I have substantial revision time. Ohh well I cannot change it now. Downside number two is that we do not own  a printer so tomorrow morning I have to make it to the library before class and then…downside number three…arrive to class early because tomorrow morning is my turn to bring breakfast for the class. I have no idea what the other two girls are bringing, but I am bringing apples and grapes.

The paper I need to write now should not be hard. It is only four pages and pales in comparison to the eleven page paper I just finished…But still it is midnight and I am very tired. It seems I wasted all my stay-up-late nights in high school, perhaps had a few for undergrad, but now sadly have nothing to offer grad school. I do not have a choice though…So now off I go to report on the research model of Kathryn Norsworthy’s “Understanding Violence Against Women in Southeast Asia: A Group Approach”….

I pray you all are sleeping well. I pray that the violence against women will end. May God recieve all the glory. Amen.


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