Small and Tall

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2009 at 8:28 am

God has been himself/herself lately. In other words, God has been very faithful in my life. I recently receivedword about an answer to prayer and am overwhelmed with thankfulness to my God for it. I cannot go into all of the details but I will say it involved a family member who was really struggling in life. The past couple of months have been very hard for this person, leaving them confused and wanting to give up on life. It has also been hard on the rest of my family. The stress has affected almost all of us. It led to many nights of me laying in bed crying in the midst of my helplessness. Poor Phillip- one week into a marriage and he had to deal with a crying wife and family crisis.

I did not know what to do.  I was not sure what God’s will was for the situation. God would put certain things on Phil and I’s heart and we would try to be obedient in them…butstill nothing was changing. It came to a head about one month ago. Things had gone from bad to worse for my family member. I had one of those moments of going before God where I was pressed as to whether or not I really trusted God to take care of the situation. Was I willing to completely give up my family member to God and trust in the face of horrible circumstances that God would take care of things? I chose to let go and trust. It is always hard, but it is also always the only real choice.

It was probably only three days later that my family member called me to share their good news. Good news!!! I wish I could share the full testimony because truly it is amazing what God did. However the story is complicated and I am not sure that it is my right to share the personal details of another human beings life. All I can say that it is amazing.

God is good and faithful. Sometimes we trust God and it takes longer than we had anticipated for him/her to act. Sometimes we do not recognize God’s actions at all. Sometimes God acts quickly when we trust. Sometime when we trust God our mothers die…and we realize that trusting is something we do no matter the consequences. What do we really know about what the right solution is anyways? I had so many ideas for my family member and none of them are what God chose to do for them.

I am little and God is tall. It is quite okay though…things go better when I remember I am small.

I pray that we all learn to trust more. That we let go and breathe deep breaths of faith and surrender. May we learn how to be sheep who follow the voice of their shepherd. Amen.


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