Grace Given In Parking Lots

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2009 at 11:09 pm

Phil and I have been married for four months today. When did I realize this? You know…only when Phil showed up at my work with flowers, a card, and chocolate. Meanwhile I had nothing. In my mind I remembered thinking this past weekend “You’re four month anniversary is coming up. Don’t forget it!!!”. Yet, I did forget it and I felt pretty crappy about it. While Phil and I are not big into celebrating every anniversary or anything it would have still been nice to remember and acknowledge it. I am very thankful for a husband that did exactly that today; I just wish I had done it myself.

Life in general, including marriage, I have learned involves a lot of falling on ones face. I can push myself up and commit to doing better next time. Often though I dwell on my mistakes and apologize for them repeatedly. At one point tonight Phil stopped me and said “Joy, just accept the grace”. Moments like those remind me that God truly does work through marriage to show us what relationship between God and people is to look like. We are a bunch of people screwing up a really important relationship. Yet when we begin to beat ourselves up about it…we have a God that says “accept the grace”.  It is humbling and beautiful and so very needed. It pushes us to die to ourselves more, to give expecting nothing in return…it helps us pursue loving others the way we hope to be loved.  

Phil, you are loved and appreciated…not simply for your grace, but for who you are as a person, son, friend, teacher, and husband. It has been a wonderful four months my dear.

– joy


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