Is God Green? & An Assortment Of Other Things

In Uncategorized on March 10, 2009 at 11:57 am

I have been fighting some sort of sickness since last Friday. I felt pretty crappy all day. We did not run on either Friday or Saturday in an effort to ward off the potential sickness. We spent a lot of time with friends instead. On Friday Phil got off work and we went to Capitol Ale House with his coworkers to hang out. It was great to meet the people he worked with…but sitting outside was not so nice on the sore throat I had. When we left we went home and took a nap in preparation for the second part of our evening. When we woke up we went to Ellwood Thompsons for my kombucha and then continued on to my friend Kate’s apartment. There Phil got to meet the classmates I hang out with most awesome. I love those people and so it was great to have Phil be able to get to know them a little. We played Rock Band…I cannot say that I am a big fan. Just not my thing. Sure I laughed at it…but I am all about conversational hangouts. It is just who I am. Saturday was more friends. We spent a couple hours in Byrd Park with a lot of my friends from HOP and it was great to catch up with them. Later on that night we went out with friends to celebrate my friend Jocelyn’s birthday. All in all it was a great weekend of relationship. I am so thankful for friends.

Sunday was great too. We had lunch with Hannah and then went back to Phil’s parents house for the afternoon where I spent at least an hour napping on the trampoline. It was great. As Monday rolled around yesterday I was excited for my Spring Break week. It was beautiful outside like it had been all weekend and I planned to enjoy it all. My day included time in the morning spent with God. Phil and I are working on waking up earlier to spend time with God before we start our day…and of course yesterday after Phil left for work I had even more time. I am trying very hard to catch up with the Cornerstone chronological bible reading plan. I also really need to finish Yoder’s “the politics of Jesus”…I have been reading it for far too long, or perhaps I should say not reading it for far too long and I will not let myself begin any new devotional books until I am done. The rest of my morning was spent in Harrison Street Coffee shop and Barnes and Noble. I took my first bike ride. I was rather terrified at times and I am sure looked ridiculous on more than one occasion, but I at least did it. I rode to the Fantastic Thrift but found neither anything I wanted or needed. My afternoon was spent lying in my front yard eating and reading. I am reading a book for school called “all over bu the shoutin”. It has been eye opening, beautiful, and heartbreaking all at once. I recommend the book so far. When Phil got home we went for a run in the breezy early evening. The weather was beautiful. The city was alive. I was miserable. I do not think I have ever struggled that much with three miles. Uggghh. Thankfully it ended at we got to spend the rest of our evening with our prayer small group.

So I realize that I have been spouting off words for a long time now…and it may seem like I am simply sharing a journal entry of my last couple of days…but truly the point was to create a link between what started last Friday and the sick girl I am today. It is almost one o’clock in the afternoon and I have only left my bed to go to the bathroom and get some fruit and tea from the kitchen. It has been hard to motivate my body just to do those things. I am not sure what I have, but it is not enjoyable in the least. I woke up this morning at 6:30 and just knew I was not going to make it. I called my boss and told her I would not be making it in today…thankfully I was only scheduled for a half day anyways…and then asked Phil if he would be okay doing everything on his own this morning. Phil got up and got ready in the dark…and God love him left me green tea for when I woke up. I am so thankful for him.

So far this morning I have watched the pile of tissues on my bed become a mountain…which is an ironic statement because I have also watched Bill Moyer’s special called “is God green?” that highlights the fight by Christians in West Virginia against mountain top removal. It really is having a horrible effect on the environment and the people who live there. I have also paid some bills online, cleaned out my email inbox, taken vitamins, and overall rejoiced that the internet is working again. Now I suppose I am off to my Bible, my Yoder, my school work, a nap, and hopefully recovery from this appalling attack of sickness on my Spring Break…ohhh I am also looking for my friend Allison because I have neither seen nor heard from her in far too long. Allison…Allison…

I pray you all remain healthy. I pray that as you walk through your day you will be aware of God all around you. God in you, God in others, God in the trees, God in the wind, God in the hard places, God in our selfish lives where we think/and pray more for ourselves than for all that we are surrounded by. Be blessed friends.


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