In the summertime…a feeling in the air

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2009 at 3:37 pm

Ohh how I love summertime. This summer is certainly stacking up to be my most enjoyed summer thus far. In the midst of all the great things going on is the fact that I am experiencing all these great things with Phillip, which just makes it all infinitely better. Some of the highlights so far:

– Growing a garden. We love our garden. It is possibly one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I’ll post pictures soon to show how our children are growing.

– Travelling to the Dominican Republic and Washington DC for classes. I feel so blessed to have been able to go and learn from the people I met. God definitely used the time to shape, define, and expand the dreams in my heart about what I feel called to do. He/she also used it as a time to remind me that he/she will always take care of me…even when I am laying in a room without electricity, all by myself minus the tarantulas, sick as can be.

– Cooking. I have really felt that this summer is about taking time to recharge with Phillip and invest in serving him. Cooking is something that blesses both of us. It is cathartic for me and I know it means a lot when I work to create something good for Phillip. He cooks a lot when I am in school, so this is my way of saying thanks. I also just love the act of cooking. I love that it requires imagination. I love the way it fits perfectly with the evening news on NPR. So far this summer we have tried out a homemade zucchini cream over pasta and roasted asparagus, homemade spicy fries, black and pinto bean quesadillas, squash and white onion sandwiches, and tonight it is on to sesame and soy tofu and broccoli.

– Reading. Ohhh the glory of finishing books. I read Quisqueya la Bella and In the Time of the Butterflies for the Dominican Republic. The first chronicles the history of the Dominican Republic from before the time the infamous jerk, Columbus arrived, until the present. The second is about the Mirabel sisters and their fight against the thirty year dictatorship of Trujillo. I am still reading Why the Cocks Fight for that class, which focuses on the history of relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. I am reading The Audacity of Hope for the DC course. I finally finished Christians at the Border, which was a great read on how the church should approach immigration. I am almost finished with The Politics of Jesus, which I have been reading for far too long…but is an important read for people wanting to understand God’s call to take up our crosses and follow Jesus into a life of serving in a way that goes against the wisdom of this world. I read Jesus Wants to Save the Christians the other morning and was incredibly refreshed and challenged by it. It was great. Read it.  I am also about half way through Vegetarianism: A Way of Life. Phillip and I got it off the community bookshelf in Ellwoods Coffee. I think I’m going to give up seafood. To conclude I’m reading a book called Boundaries. It is really insightful and I am learning a lot. It is revealing dysfunctional behaviors that are not always fun to deal with…but deal with them I must. So that’s that. I’ll be updating on the reading. I am calling this my summer of reading and I have so many friends waiting for me on the bookshelf. I cannot wait.

– Patios. Apparently summertime in the city is all about the patio. Even Ipanama got one. All I can say is the more the better. Now Phillip and I can have the choice to eat vegan, Thai, Mexican, or vegetarian inside or out. I’m just pulling for these options to expand to my Ethiopian, Moroccan, Chinese, and Italian restaurant friends.

– Having friends over. You know who you are and we have loved having you. There is just something so wonderful about friends. So far ice cream cones have been enjoyed, mancala has been played, and harry potter has been watched. Does it get any better. So if you aren’t doing anything at some point give us a call. Our front porch has the perfect spot for your butt.

– Freedom from school work…well not completely. I have just become good at telling myself I have no school work to do. Either way it is less than the normal load.

– More time to spend with Jesus. He/she is the one that creates all the wonderful things that I have been enjoying so far this summer. However having more time to set aside to spend with God is such a blessing and a need. It becomes so easy for me to “handle things on my own” and the fruits of that are never good. While I have these school breaks I am relishing that they give me the opportunity to have retreats with my Maker.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer day.

  1. That sounds amazing- books, friends, husband, cooking, and what I am so jealous of, a porch. I would love to come over and play mancala some summer evening. The next 2 weeks are busy preparing for and going on the youth mission trip, but after that we would love to spend some time investing in and growing a friendship with you guys.

    • sounds like a plan. just give us a call. we should have an epic board game night. hope the trip planning and trip itself goes well!

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