summer school

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2009 at 7:30 am

so I have been a little over my head in school work these past two weeks. I suppose that is what happens when you forget every weekend that you have school work to do. I was also held up a little this week because I had to do some training for my job! I will be subbing in a pre-school this summer. I went in Monday morning to get acquainted with the kids I will have next week.

Back to the school work I am doing a policy analysis on the Welfare Reform Restoration Act of 2009. Basically a republican representative from Georgia is pissed that the Stimulus bill dared to make $5 billion dollars availiable on an emergency basis to states for their increased spending on welfare. I am following his bill that will most likely go nowhere, and studying the history of welfare reform since the Clinton era through the good ol’ Bush years until now with the passing of this Emergency Contingency Fund. It has been really interesting and I have appreciated all the research I am coming across. I chose this topic specifically because I will be working with people on welfare here in VA next year. So yeah. Probably boring to a lot people but the kind of things that stir me up.

I have lots of updating to do when this school work is done on the DR, DC, our garden and life in general.

Until then I hope you all have an amazing day. May we remember the poor the way God does. May we pray for them and learn to live in community with them. May we fight for justice for them that does not simply sustain them in their poverty but eliminates the causes of their poverty.


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