next stop. Cambodia

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I am sitting in a small little upholstered chair in the corner of Ellwoods Coffee this morning. I just had a pretty good everything bagel with vegan cream cheese and my kombucha is wonderful as usual. As I sit here I have a lot of thoughts racing through my head. First there is the to-do list- write paper, write blog, pick up t-shirts, hang out with Allison, vacuum out car, finish Cambodia devotional…Every couple of seconds I think “Cambodia” and several thoughts and emotions follow. I feel both excited and a little scared. I feel humbled to be going. I feel anticipation and longing to meet everyone and learn from them and God. I feel a little panicked about the to-do list. With all of these things to do Istart to feel a little frantic as though I need to get up immediately and race around. I begin to feel rather confused about what order I need to do everything in. And so I have decided to stop thinking about these things and even blogging about them. God is not a God of confusion. I know he/she wants me to be present right here where I am. I think that busyness is one of the biggest tools Satan uses against all of us, and I can certainly see how he has been using it against Phillip and I as we try and prepare our hearts for Cambodia. So on to other things…

One of the things I love about mission trips is that in the months and especially weeks leading up to it I always press deeper into God. I wish I did this as a lifestyle. I need to do this as a lifestyle. Either way though I believe that God begins to stir up his/her people more before these times. There are three teams going out on missions trips this week and so all three teams got prayed over during all three services at church this Sunday. I have started to feel the anointing that comes from this. It becomes easier to walk in the spirit. It was such a blessing and a need to receive so much prayer. I began to feel so much peace about the trip and a God-given expectation that God will move in powerful ways. Last night as I spent time with God he/she reminded me of the need for a spirit of humility when going to Cambodia. That I am not going there to teach anyone anything but to instead learn. To learn about these people-their faith, lives, experiences, beliefs, joys, questions, and doubts. To learn what God looks like to Cambodians and what he/she looks like though them. I was reminded that Jesus came and took on the position of a servant and a slave and that I need to do the same. I am so thankful that God speaks to us. Without him/her I would most assuredly be the biggest, most self-absorbed, scared of everything jerk. Little by little though God chips this stuff off of me. I really would be so lost without you Jesus.

This will be both Phillip and I’s first mission trip as a married couple. I am fuzzy on what this is supposed to look like and I think that is precisely one of the reasons God has us going. I look forward to him/her teaching us how to work along side each other. It is going to be interesting though because we will not be allowed to touch each other. In Cambodian culture married couple show no affection in public. No hand holding. No hugs. And certainly no kissing. This shall be another fun part of the adventure and truly I do not mind it since we are going to serve Cambodians in the context of their culture. It will simply be an adjustment. Another adjustment will also be the food. I have heard it was good and I pray that all goes well with my stomach. Hopefully there will not be too much meat; either way though the food will be eaten. I have never had Cambodian food but Thai food is one of my favorites and so I am pretty pumped to have Thai food in Thailand.

Geez what a summer so far. It is flying past. I realized the other day that this is my last “summer” in terms of having it off for the most part. Next year God will have hopefully led me to a job. In this regard I feel my youth slipping away and my feelings are rather mixed. I do not mind growing older. In fact I cherish it. It is simply such an unknown. For now I will enjoy every single morning that I get to spend tucked into a corner of your local coffee shop.

We have a blog that will give updates on our trip. Check it out! http://www.cornerstonemissions2009.blogspot.com/

I pray that you all have a great couple of weeks. I pray that you will walk in peace and joy no matter your circumstances. I pray for an end to the violence in our world- Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Honduras, US, Georgia…all over. I pray that people would rethink the need for firearms. I pray for the woman that was shot with one four blocks from my house. I pray for the members of the U.S. military that their hearts and minds would be healed from the acts of violence they are being asked to commit. May the families of the many soldiers who are committing suicide every day be comforted. May your church Lord be a voice of light in the midst of this darkness. The Lord be with you all.


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