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Ohhh what a time it has been. We have been home for about two full days now and well it has been a bit of a crazy time. Cambodia and Thailand were so many things…incredible, heartbreaking, eye-opening, inspiring, hot, full of wonderful people, places where God is showing his/her faithfulness in awe-inspiring ways…the list could go on. Both Phil and I plan to share soon about what we experienced and learned. For now though I will simply talk about the trial that has been the return home. It all began on the 12 hour flight from Tokyo to Atlanta. Phil had been talking about not feeling well and during the flight he began running a fever of 102. The fever got us escorted off the airplane in Atlanta by paramedics and almost quarantined. Thankfully we were allowed to continue on with simply the promise that we would be receiving a call from the Center for Disease Control in a few days.

All of this would have been simply a funny story if Phil had gotten better soon after…but he hasn’t. It is Tuesday evening and his fever is still going. He can barely get out of bed sometimes much less make it to work. The doctors have been rather frustrating giving us prescriptions without telling us what they are for, sending us in for an x-ray and then closing up for the day without calling to give us the results. I struggle with worrying. Sickness and disease are painful memories for me. I hate to see my wonderful husband suffering. I know God is here. I am thankful for his/her peace. It is just becoming one of those weeks. I have two major papers to get written by Friday and literally 6 loads of laundry on my couch with more clothes to be washed. Ohhh and I am also a little sick myself. Do I have Phil’s mystery illness? I think not…but I have enough to make me feel pretty overwhelmed.

This is one of the many reasons I despise Satan. He is always trying to disrupt what God is doing. He is always trying to bring chaos into our lives. He has been doing a pretty good job this week. I pray that God will give both Phil and I the grace to overcome these attacks though. I will trust. In the meantime if you read this please pray for my dear friend Phil. He makes for quite the pathetic sight lying in bed, tossing and turning, and constantly hot from his fever. Thank you friends. Be blessed.

  1. We will be praying . . .

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