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…we have been trying to eat at home more. this involves actually putting a meal on the calender for each night. yesterday salads. today corn on the cob, mushroom and onion sandwiches, baked fries, gilmore girls. tomorrow broccoli, carrots, and rice.

…I have been in a self imposed reading frenzy. the summer is almost up and I am not nearly done with my reading list. I should not have added so many books over the summer.

…we have been trying out the farmers market finally. sad thing is I bought plumbs the other day and then realized they were from California. doesn’t that defeat the point?

…speaking of California. my sister and her family moved there this week. Christmas in Riverside would not be bad.

…God graced Phillip and I with awesome front porch furniture that we have been dreaming of. Goodwill is amazing. they will give you a wooden bench, two wooden chairs, and a table for $65. this creates the perfect environment for front porch picnics with friends and their new puppies.

…I have been able to hang out with great friends a lot. whether it is conversations on the front porch, conversations in book shops, conversations over dinner, or spending an evening on the couch with friends blowing your ten o’clock bedtime it has all been great. i have also been blessed to reconnect with a friend via phone who lives a long way away and whom I had not talked to in a long time.

…on the flip side to hanging out with people are those friends who we seem to have lost touch with. we call and they do not call back. this always makes me sad.

…I have spent an evening with my grandmother. it is crazy to realize that at her age a lot of her energy goes into staying alive. tonight she was telling about how she needs a pacemaker because her heartbeat has slowed down and now she finds herself constantly tired. i am still rapping my mind around this.

…i have not been blogging that often. I want to, but the whole job thing and reading frenzy has slowed me down.

…i have been craving a good bike ride. perhaps we will pull them out for a ride down to “classics in the courtyard” this week. the promise is that we only have one helmet so I am paranoid about us both riding. bike helmets are cool, sexy, and indispensable in my own opinion.

…God has been teaching me a lot. I will blog more about this when I finally blog about Cambodia. all of this comes at a time where my heart is making me crave God’s word more and when my church community is demanding that we the church know the word more. I am very thankful to be stretched and challenged to not rely on the “ideas” I know from the bible or my own opinions about what the bible says, but to instead have to have scripture to back up what I say. I feel like it is a beautiful time for us all to grow together. unity in God’s spirit…there is nothing quite like it.

…i have begun dreaming about where God is going to lead Phillip and I after this year of school is over. i have no idea what is in store but there is a sense of expectation and trust in my heart. Jesus has us and all we are called to right now is prayer.

…i have had a huge crush on my husband.

…lately i have been dismayed at how our technology is used for the worst purposes. 40 people died from bombings in iraq this weekend. yesterday was the anniversary of us dropping an atomic bomb on a defenseless people. we have great medical advances but no real health care reform. God help us.

…lately I have been reminded to hope. in the face of all the crap. i believe and serve in a God that will have the final say. God’s reign will come. Come Lord. Come!

  1. i really like this post.

    thank you for it! 🙂

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