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In the midst of other more important things that took place in Cambodia, I took out my nose ring. Upon arrival our leader, and my good friend, Hannah came up to me privately and told me that she had just found out that nose rings were a gang symbol there. In the interest of not appearing to support gang culture or offend the Cambodians in general I took my nose ring out. My piercing subsequently closed and I simply told myself I would get it re-done sometime after we got home.

A few weeks have passed. I had been working a lot until last week, which I took off so that I would have one last week before fall classes began. It was a great week. I checked off a lot of things on my to-do list- read books, hang out in coffee shops for as long as I want, hang out with people, go see the new Harry Potter, ect. On Friday I decided to check off the nose piercing as well. I got a recommendation and set off. The great thing about it was that the tattoo/piercing shop was about one block away from our home. I remembered how fun it was the last time getting it done with the Caldwells in Nashville. I remembered that it barely hurt at all. Basically I had great expectations about the whole thing. 

Sadly, it was not the same this second time around. It felt pretty good that when I walked in they were playing NPR’s Fresh Air…it was not until I had signed in and paid that I sat down and saw the Playboy magazines strewn about the waiting room. Nice. Real nice aside from the subjugation of women and enslavement of men. When they were ready for me I entered a small room with a guy who immediately put on very loud, screamo music. I am not sure that “screamo” is the correct term for such music but hopefully it gives you an idea of what I am talking about…I was already uncomfortable and I should have known when I picked up the prospective piercing and commented that it was a bigger size than the last one that I was in trouble.

I totally became a wimp the moment that needle hit my nose. My eyes teared up and I looked down to see him cleaning blood off my face. I was unprepared for it all. My face hurt so bad for the next two hours or so…basically until the pain meds and Harry Potter kicked in. Since then it has continued to hurt and bleed and occasionally swell and I will freely admit that I have been a total wimp about it all. After the first piercing I was all impressed with myself for barely blinking and thought “wow I must have a high pain tolerance”… I now simply have to laugh at myself for ever having had the thought. No more 16 gauge piercings for me.

When the blood and swelling has gone away though I will take myself back to a parlor somewhere for a smaller gauge piercing. I am after all, I think/hope, not too wimpy for it still.

So that is the- probably more boring than I should have shared-story…but I figure it beats the- how many hundreds of dollars I have spent on school books this semester- story. I pray that you all have a peaceful night. May we all live in awareness of God, ourselves, and others every single moment of the day. May we all enjoy the wonderful and creative possibility for art God has put inside us all…even that, which comes in size 16.


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