late night.

In Uncategorized on September 17, 2009 at 9:52 pm

ohh life. it has been full as of late. school started almost one month ago and my field started last week. now all our days are filled up and often times so are our nights. I wouldn’t do anything differently though. God has blessed us with so much- including days and nights filled with doing those things she/he has placed on our hearts…so yeah I’ll have to write more when it is not 10:30 at night; but what a wonderful night it is…

a case in point- tonight Phil and I were getting ready for a church meeting when my friend Misty Jo called. I almost didn’t pick up because we were getting our stuff together but because I had not talked to her in close to two months I answered and we began catching up. it was great. Misty has to be one of the sweetest and most wonderful persons in my life. ten minutes into our conversation I unexpectantly heard her begin talking to someone else. randomly enough my friend Misty had run into one of the other friends (one out of three) that I have on the west coast. I said a quick hello to my friend Stephen and then continued on in conversation with Misty.

surely it is a wonderful and small world.

good night world, moon, stars, people, animals, hopes, and dreams. the Lord be with us all.

  1. Joy,
    I’m so glad to hear that you took the time out to catch up with a friend-that’s exactly what I was thinking of doing when I reached out for you today! *HUG* We miss your spirit and love at the “planet”. Things are spinning in all different directions and while the staff and I remain committed to bettering the lives of those we serve, the grind has been ehausting.

    I would love to taste some of the delectable delights at Ipanema with you sometime soon and catch up on everything. Know that you are loved and are in my heart and thoughts always!


    • Unique!!! I was so excited to see your message. I miss you and I think about you often. We will have to do lunch soon. Let’s email and figure out sometime in the coming weeks. I’m sorry to hear about the DP stress. I’ll be praying for you and everyone else there. I’m so thankful for who you are and all you do. Be blessed friend.

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