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And so October enters with beautiful weather. I feel like there is so much to look forward to in this beautiful month. First on my list is my one year anniversary with Phillip. I’m pretty excited to run away with him for a weekend to a cute little cottage in the Charlottesville area. What a grand time it will be. I’m pretty excited for our cottage; from the pictures I do not think that there is a tv there to tempt us with its mindless, and sometimes wonderful, distractions. Also there is no internet. I am sure many would wonder why would a cottage need internet in the first place, but many that we looked at did. It simply was not an option for us. The point of the weekend is to unplug and simply be together. Thankfully God blessed us with the perfect place for this. It looks to be a weekend of sleeping in, hanging out constantly, eating good food, going on hiking and running adventures, and returning to the exact place we got engaged.

Speaking of marriage, a friend of mine is getting married this weekend. I am really excited to see her get married. Her fiance and her share so many of the same passions.  It is always hard to see couples together that care about one another but seem to work in different directions. I tend to believe that God’s perfect plan is to bring each of us partners that complement us and push us farther in our dreams by working for them with us and us likewise with them. It is clear that this has happened for my friend. She and her fiance through their passions and plans for life face a lot of danger. They are literally putting their lives on the line to share their faith. I am amazed and challenged by their faith and obedience,  and I pray grace, peace, love, and safety over them in their marriage and work.

On a different note. Pumpkins. Yes, it is pumpkin season. Many of you are probably buying pumpkins from the local grocer to decorate our front porches or kitchen tables. Perhaps you have already been to the pumpkin patch- I’m still working to get there. I for one have never baked a pie by myself my entire life. I helped my mother when I was younger, she made amazing pie for the record, but never did I make one on my own. Just last year though, if I had imagined making a pumpkin pie it would have certainly been a canned pumkin pie. This is no longer a possibility in my household. It speaks to the culinary culture we are losing around when we use pumpkins more for decorating than for eating. Pumpkins are a local and available source of nutrition during the fall and winter months. I still not sure that I will be making a pumpkin pie but I will be making other pumkin things. On tap for this week is pumpkin soup (the recipe looks easy and mostly involves coconut milk) and pumkin puree so that Phil and I can switch from oatmeal with strawberries from California to pumkin spice oatmeal. I hope both of these will be good. Perhaps I will try to make pumkin bread as well. Ohh and I also saw a recipe for pumkin pasta sauce. There is much to be made with pumpkins and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

To start of the month of October I had a rather awkward and semi-frustrating meeting with Chesterfield DSS yesterday. The day turned around though because I had a lovely dinner at Cous Cous with my friend Shari. We dined on amazing curried vegan chicken salad, flaming cheese, and some rather disappointing stuffed portabellas. Afterwards Shari, Phillip and I took in on a hilarious episode of the Colbert Report. Where would the world be without satire. Honestly.

In the midst of all this October grandness will also be a couple of school papers, fall break, new clients at work, the start of the Employment Support Program I am a part of, a few friends’ birthdays, a hopeful dinner party that will hopefully  involve hale bales, and always communion with God that I am so thankful is possible every single month of the year.

I pray that you all have a blessed and peaceful day. Pray for those affected my this weeks earthquakes and floods. Pray for peace and understanding between the U.S. and Iran. Pray for all the children traumatized by war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pray for all the poor among us. Pray in hope for our Lord is big and we have yet to see all the she/he can do.


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