one of those months

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2009 at 10:37 pm

So I have not been the best blogger as of late. It has been a busy/wonderful/stressful/sickly month. I know I blogged earlier this month about being sick…well it came back- in the form of bronchitis no less. I have completed a ten-day prescription but still do not feel completely well…and tonight we missed Common Ground yet again because now Phil is starting to feel sick. It has been a hard time. Whenever I get sick, and it sticks around, I can get freaked out by it. Me freaking out multiplies when it involves my lungs. I suppose it is more psychological involving my mom dying from lung cancer but either way I do not like having anything wrong with them. Of course during this month-long bronchitis battle I am surrounded by the news talking about how swine flu is everywhere (and it certainly is in Richmond) and how it affects high risk groups (me) by going after the lungs. I have been really struggling with fear because of this over the last week and a half. I hate the way fear gets into us and makes us both think and act irrationally. I would appreciate prayers for both the sick Brock household and the fearful me. I can hear God speaking to me telling me not to be afraid, but there is always another voice saying the opposite to me. It is amazing though how God does reach out to us in so many ways. For instance today in church my pastor spoke on Jesus the healer. He talked about how healing has nothing to do with my faith, which admittedly is struggling throughout this month-ordeal, and more to do with being Jesus centered and trusting in who Jesus says he is.  So here is to trust. My prayer is that we can all grow in it together.


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