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In Uncategorized on December 17, 2009 at 9:05 pm

So the last post was a deep thoughts post. Heres a more whats going on in my life post. I tend to include so many details in my stories that they in turn become mini-biographies, rather than quick updates. I’ll try to spare you an account of every second of my life.

I work at the Faison School for Autism as you prolly know. Its a great job, and very rewarding. It is God’s tool of discipline in my life. But discipline isnt always pleasant, and neither is my job. Generally, at 4:00 each Monday through Friday I feel like my brain has melted. Part of gets frustrated because I know the career I am called to(and very excited about) is farming. I want to be able to go to school to learn the science of it all, and I want to build a greenhouse and raise animals and put my hands in the dirt. But Its just not that season yet. But as spoken by a good friend at dinner tonight, I shouldnt despise my journey. In my heart of hearts, Im thankful for the people in my life right now and all the things im learning. Im thankful for my student who attacked me yesterday and scratched my neck. He doesnt do that sort of thing often. Hes usually a pretty fun guy to hang out with. Either way, he is God’s child, and I’m priveleged to get to know him. It did suck though.

We recently had Lets Go To Bethlehem at church. We built a little street of “Bethlehem” and had vendors and tax collectors and roman soldiers giving people a hard time. It was great. The point, obviously, was to reach people with the truth that Jesus came as a real human being, God in the flesh, to walk with us. I signed up to be a shepherd, and was so excited about it. And let me just say, the shepherd role really lived up to the hype for me. We had alpacas, and horses, sheep, and goats etc, which we led through the town and told people we were looking for the “Child”. (You know, Jesus) When we unloaded the animals I was given a tiny goat(the runt of the litter I later learned) to carry through town. Thats right, I carried it around all night. It really confirmed in my heart the things I feel called to. The idea of ‘taking dominion in the image of God’ The original command He/She gave us in the beginning. I want to learn what it means to care for creation the way He calls us to, and teach others how to do the same thing. I could go one for several more paragraphs. I guess I should blog more often.

Hey there. Thanks for caring about my life enough to read it.



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