I Watch It Float Away Gracefully

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2009 at 8:42 pm

     I havent really blogged too much, but here goes.

    He never fails.

     Some nights, I walk onto the porch lost. I walk with a heavy heart, and a body tired from the stresses of life.  So I go to think. To ponder. I flick a match, put it to my tobacco and take in the smoke.  And I feel the buzz go to my legs. In my heart, I know that to smoke would be enjoyable, but what I need desperately is time with my Creator. Time for Him to remind me why I’m alive. And I begin to regret my choice. I wonder to myself why I so often avoid the one who loves me, and I timidly whisper a prayer of ‘Im sorry, I know I should be sitting with you right now…’ As I look up at the smoke that just left my mouth, it spins and folds over itself and paints a temporary but beautiful picture in the cold air. In the same moment, I look past to the sky and search for the few stars one can see from a city home. I look up as if I’ll see Him there. As I search, my soul is stirred by the warmth of a companion. The warmth of someone who is faithful. The warmth of someone who is always there. Just like every night which I don’t notice, He is already there. Beside me. Around me. And He speaks. ‘Phillip. You dont have to go far to find Me. Ive never left you. I love you, and when I chose you, I knew you would let me down. But I’m still here, and I’ll always be. No need to worry about that.’

   Everytime. No matter where I am. When I stop to find Him, I realize He was close by all along. The Good Shepherd. He knows his stubborn sheep. And He never lets us go.

So I praise you God. You came from the glory of heaven, as a little baby. You grew and matured, You celebrated and suffered, you walked with us. Thank you for coming to be WITH us. Faithful and True to every promise.



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