a reason to dance

In Uncategorized on January 2, 2010 at 11:56 pm

2009 is now gone, but it has certainly left its mark.

The New Year began last year with dear friends in Nashville, TN. We sat in a circle and prayed for each other, the world, and dedicated the next year to God. This past week we rang in the New Year with more dear friends in Chester. We danced and we toasted. In the midst of both these two experiences was a year filled with many, varied experiences. I am thankful that we celebrate the New Year because it practically begs reflection of the past, which is always good for the soul, while inviting us to celebrate the future.

As I have thought about all that has transpired over the past year all I can say is that I am incredibly thankful. I am thankful for all of it- the good and the bad. Through everything God has been there; faithfully experiencing both my joys and pains. The joys have been wonderful…so many good times with friends, children, jobs found, health restored, no needs unmet, a wonderful church family to grow with, trips around the world to learn, a marriage that has become better with time already. And well the pains; I feel that they have increased my humanity. Whether my own pain or the pain of people in my life I have found that it is a privilege to share such times with others. Beyond increasing our humanity, I think pain makes me and everyone else who experiences it more like Christ if we allow it to. There have certainly been many moments of pain in my personal and professional life this past year that have helped me understand God’s heart more. When I have been at my lowest I have not only felt God but also how broken God’s heart was for each circumstance.

So here is to 2009. God was the hero and thankfully I can anticipate the same for this coming year. If that is not worth dancing crazily to Montel Jordan than I do not know what is.

Be blessed friends and Happy Late New Year.

– joy


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