The 52 Project

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2010 at 5:27 pm

Many of my friends in the blogging world are in the midst of 365 projects. There projects usually involve taking a picture every single day for a year. While I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and looking at their pictures I know that taking a picture every day of the year is not for me.

I do however have a 52 project that I have decided to embark upon. Working with people who are sick makes me think a lot. One of the ways social workers, hospice workers, and others within the field help people deal with dying is through the use of narrative therapy. People are encouraged to look back over their lives and reflect on their story either just to themselves and their worker or with those special in the dying person’s life. People may record their stories digitally for their loved ones to hear, people may write their stories down, people may use art, or people may create memory books with words and pictures. All this has gotten me thinking though about my life and how I will face dying.

One thing I know for sure is that I do not want to begin processing my life only once I learn that my days are coming to an end. Indeed, I may not get a heads up because I could die quickly somehow. Either way I have decided to start processing now and I’m going to keep it simple given its my last semester of grad school and life is in a word-crazy. In the spirit of simplicity I am going to share one story a week that I remember from the past 25 years of my life. I’d like to warn you in advance that the stories may not be interesting; they will simply be my stories. While I’m putting it out in a public forum, this project is in a big way something I’m mostly doing for myself. It is a way to force onto paper my life so far. It will help me remember and be thankful. After only one month at the Hawthorne I’ve come to realize that many people do not make it to 25. So here’s to the 52 project…get ready for stories that more often than not will consist of:  I was nine years old. I spent my days mostly reading and trying to trick my friends into playing hide and go seek with me. They never would.

  1. Joy, I look forward to reading!

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