In Uncategorized on February 22, 2010 at 2:16 pm

All the recent snow has reminded me of snow days from my younger years. My first big snow memory was from 96′ when we got a big ol storm that dropped about two feet of snow. My friend Amie had stayed over, and we had a wonderful time. I used to live next to my old church that had acres and acres of forest and fields. Amie and I traipsed all over the place. We did not have sleds that worked, but we did other fun things like tie each other to trees.

During my teenage years we had a couple of good snows. These snows were always marked by shenanigans around the church property with my friends Ashley, Joe, Dave, Blake and David. We did lots of dumb and potentially harmful things like ride down hills in a wheelchair, ride down hills that happened to be in the middle of a densely populated forest, and my personal classic doing cartwheels down steep embankments. The last one was the most painful. During these snow storms my grandma Joy always seemed to be in town visiting. She was always there to fix us hot chocolate as we came in from the cold. Hard life huh?

Nowadays snow storms can be fun at first, but I grow tired of the snow much quicker. It also has not helped that Phil and I are trying to train for the 10k on snow/ice-covered sidewalks. As I type that complaint I cannot help but think of the absurdity of my complaining, because truly I really have nothing that I should complain about.

I’m not nearly as close with any of my younger year snow buddies today. It has been interesting, and sometimes sad, to see how life has pulled us away from each other. We all grow in different directions I suppose. They are wonderful memories for me though. I may have not made them sound too fun because I am actually typing here at school feeling the pressure of not having blogged in a good while…but they were good times. In many ways they reflect the relative innocence I was blessed to grow up with. My friends were not trying to get me to drink or party. We were all more interested in physical feats and afternoons with hot chocolate. I can only hope my kids will be so lucky.


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