hearing aids, or the lack there of.

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The picture above is of my Grandma Joy and her brother, who I’ve always called Uncle Ken. Uncle Ken has always been such a great man… and perhaps a little bit of a badass (in a small town kind of way). Every time Phil and I visit my Grandma, we always have a night where we play board games with her and Uncle Ken. For the past few years we have had to speak really loud because Uncle Ken doesn’t hear well anymore and refuses to wear a hearing aid (again bad-a, or perhaps stubborn). He always seems to be able to hear Grandma though. They have such a beautiful and deep friendship. They live next door to each other and drive each other crazy in the best kind of ways.  

Uncle Ken has been sick for quite a few years now, and yesterday my Dad called to tell me that he had passed away rather unexpectantly. I have no words to really describe this loss other than to say the world has lost a wonderful man. Uncle Ken was the Marshall of his town’s Christmas parade  this past year. In the midst of the ache in my chest I have great hope that he participated in another parade this week.

Uncle Ken may the angels lead you home…I love you.

  1. Wow! What a story, he sounds awesome. I am sorry for your loss! I had this visual going through my head, we all have that bad-a and elderly relative . . . I was thinking of my Grandfather who everytime I visit makes it a point to tell my that the TV is the Antichrist and he is going to move away in the mountains to avoid the government! He might be onto something.

    Peace to you guys!

    • Perhaps we will all wind up in the mountains together some day my friend.
      May God be with you as well.

  2. Aww friend… last week was just a crappy week all around, huh? I’m so sorry to hear about uncle Ken. I hope your grandmother is going to be all right without him. Thinking about you guys…

  3. Thanks friend 🙂

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