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The cafe around the corner from our home; it is where we started our days. The Cole Wingo tour of lower Manhattan included crazy good falafel for only $2.50, a cupcake bakery, and a walk along the river. In search of good pizza we found it in the Village. We took in the art at the Met, this guy was one of my favorites, and then meandered our way through Central Park. We decided to ditch Manhattan for Brooklyn’s sidewalk sales, thrift stores, and Thai food. We stayed with a wonderful woman named Laura. She has a beautiful home and she makes really beautiful art.

It was a great trip. My last Spring Break…I’m so glad we went. It was filled with friendship, new friends, laughter, good food, friendly New Yorker’s, and plenty of random decisions and occurances.



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I need one.

As my final semester winds down it seems to be the topic on everyone’s (ie. my fellow classmates) mind…sometimes we distract ourselves from this stressful topic by talking about our research projects…then when that becomes too painful we are back to jobs. It is a vicious cycle. Honestly, the thing that stresses me the most about the whole job situation right now is writing cover letters for each job I apply to. Some people tell me that they need to be very specific to the job I am applying for, others tell me that no one pays them that much attention- who to believe? I am trying to find a happy medium at present. Unfortunately I would have more time to work on these cover letters if it were not for the before mentioned research project.

Here is to trusting that it will all work itself out (you can’t see it but I am raising my kombucha bottle and clicking it against my bed post). I grumble, worry, complain, lament, and sometimes cry over all of this, but deep down I trust that God has just the right place for me. If anything this time has been a lesson in letting my priorities go eschew. God has had to talk with me lately about mostly praying about the future (read. a job) and not simply seeking him/her for who they are. God is very good at rescuing me out of my self-absorbed ways…and so is my husband- the extended hand of God in my life. Man oh man, where would I be without them?

I pray you are all remembering to seek God in the midst of this madness. It is after all her/his heart, not their hand that makes this all worth it. Be blessed friends.

ps. coming soon late pictures of my spring break in NYC…

down with the veggie flavors.

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I realized while on Spring Break last week that I have been a vegetarian for three years now. Three years ago my dear friend Rebecca and I were having all sorts of adventures on the Appalachian Trail, and later marching on the Pentagon against the war…and in the midst of it I was choosing to not eat meat. I distinctly remember sitting in a cafe outside of Harrisonburg looking over the menu, and thinking about how there was nothing for me to eat. It is only when you give up something when you realize how prevalent it really is.  Why do most of our meals have to involve meat? In many parts of the world impoverished people get meat maybe once a week. Meanwhile we feed the animals we will eventually slaughter to eat, millions of pounds of grains each year. Grain that could be feeding those people who only get meat once a week. Unless God directs me otherwise I will never eat meat again. I simply cannot be okay with this sense of entitlement.


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So it has come to my attention that I am doing quite poorly with my own created project- 52. Ohh well I will get better. I promise. Not in the next couple of days though because I am in New York City rather unexpectantly. It is spring break and sometimes you have to just go where the wind takes you. Hope you all have a wonderful week filled with awareness that God is with us. Everywhere. All the time.

Thank goodness.


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I was clearly worked up in my last post. Those of you who know me know that I get that way from time to time (Daily if I listen to the news)….I realize though that in the post I used the words “god-awful” to describe the tea party, and that it was a little strong. I have no problem being truthful even if it is harsh, but I do not like to be mean. Truly I have no warm and fuzzy feelings towards the Tea Party. While they are a broad and in some ways diverse movement, I find many of them to hate-filled, uninformed, hypocritical in that they do not attack military spending just social spending (which I suppose is why they were not out in full force against Bush), unhealthily attached to their guns (something that simply disturbs me because I honestly hate guns for all the lives they take) and pretty racist. Any movement of people that is overwhelmingly white always sends off alarm bells in my head as I think of the great harms white people have committed in this country’s history, and of our worship of white culture still. All this said I know that the Tea Party is made up of people, most of whom I would probably enjoy having a cup of coffee with. As with most people, I think if we make the effort to get to know each other we will be able to find some common ground,  maybe even friendship. As a Christian I know this because this is how we have no enemies…we love all people and therefore we end up liking many of them. I personally know a few Tea Partyer’s and even though my beliefs and values may differ sharply from them, I have to say they are some cool people.

Phil and I went with some friends to see  Invictus at the Byrd last weekend and I was reminded yet again about the power and necessity of forgiveness. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and came out willing to forgive those who put him in there, so that his country could be unified. This reminds me of my own need to love the PEOPLE who make up the Tea Party and forgive them for their hate-filled speech. As someone who cares deeply about social justice I am constantly amazed at how satan works in my life to make me just as intolerant of those who are intolerant towards others. Take Westboro Baptist church as an example. If you have not heard of them they are religious extremists who travel around the country with a message of hate (they are also known as the “god hates fags” church). They landed in Richmond this week. They came to protest in front of a Jewish community center, the Holocaust Museum, and a local high school with an active LGBTQ club. Thankfully our community was rightly outraged, and hundreds showed up to peacefully counterprotest (in fact over $10,000 was raised for these three organizations). As Phil and I read a story about the protests our first reaction was to respond to those from Westboro with the same spirit of hate that they display. We were instantly convicted though. Remembering to walk in the steps of our Rabbi, who always responded in the opposite spirit allowed my heart to open up to those people I do not even know. My heart was able to be broken for them, realizing how much they themselves need God’s love in their lives.

So the point… Where would I be without the Holy Spirit? Where would any of us be? I will probably always be a person who gets upset at injustice and those who perpetrate it. I will sometimes blog and call people “god-awful” and then later that night or perhaps a few days later I will begin to feel the Spirit speak. I will hear about how much God loves me, and that he/she thinks it is okay that I am not a Republican. Then I will hear God speak that he/she loves those in the Tea Party just as much as he/she loves me. That he/she loves Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Tea Partyer’s, Marxists, and Anarchists all the same. I’ll be reminded why when I went to peace marches under the Bush presidency I never felt comfortable chanting “f#%$ Bush” along with some of the crowd, because I knew in my heart that Bush (no matter how dreadful his decisions) was just as much in need of love as those in Iraq. I will be reminded that We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against prinicpatilites, and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Eph. 6:12.

The real god-awful spirit is mightily at work in this world. He deceives us all. Thankfully I was saved by grace, and I will be saved by it again tomorrow morning when I wake up. Even harder than learning to accept this grace, is learning to extend it as freely as I received it. This grace requires lots of rethinking…I suppose it always will.

a rant and a prayer.

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So here in Virginia we have a guy named Eric Cantor who is one of our Reps in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have been to his office on the Hill before to lobby on poverty issues. I did not meet him, but I talked with one of his aides. She was a lovely person. I am pretty sure he is a lovely person too, afterall I believe most people are deep down, but he is someone who every time I hear him speak I find myself in disagreement with. Democracy…representatitves that make you want to tear your clothes and put ashes on your head. That may sound a little dramatic, but the lives his policies affect make me more than willing to do this.

As the healthcare debate rages on in Washington, I recently heard Mr. Cantor on the news speaking to the President. He told him that the healthcare plan was simply too expensive and that the American people cannot afford it. He may think in terms of money, but I think in terms of people. I think of the hundreds if not thousands that will die this year because they lacked health coverage. The fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children who will die. I think of the husband of one of my clients, who is spending the last few weeks his wife has to live fighting with insurance companies for adequate coverage. I think of the $150+ a week he has been paying in copays. I think about how he is never going to get this time back…and then I get really angry.

I am even more angry at the spending Mr. Cantor seems pleased to ignore. Of our government’s budget that ranges well over 3 trillion dollars, upwards of 70%  goes to military and defense spending. Our weapons of war that are right now making several defense corporations very rich, and killing unknown numbers of Afghan civilians are never questioned. This sin does not simply come from Republicans or the god-awful Tea party, many Democrats are also just mixed up in it. President Obama has continued the trend of bowing to the call of empire, and has not cut back this spending. To do so would be “unpatriotic”. Well then suppose I will be unpatriotic till the day I die. Let it be, because I want nothing to do with the ways the kingdoms of this world run. I want nothing to do with thirst for power at the expense of the poor and defenseless.

No, I will sit in my sack cloth, ashes, rants, prayers, protests, and blogs. I will be “that” person in conversation. I cannot keep silent about these things. Not just because they are wrong, but because I’m scared that by keeping silent the stronghold of empire will find its way into my heart… That I will come to understand the strategic “importance” of smart bombs and why poor people are simply lazy. So I will be here hating the spirit of empire that overwhelms our actions, but seeking to love the Eric Cantor’s and Obama’s of the world the way Christ loves me. It will be hard, geez it is already hard, but is the only way. Sometimes I have to admit my anger seems to want to overwhelm me, but more often than not I end up in tears for this mess we are all in.

It breaks my heart and I hope it breaks yours as well.

the Richmond zoo.

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Things I should do more often…

1.Explore the city’s secrets and smiles.

2. Be  outside more often in general.

3. Remember that sometimes God wants to take a walk with me instead of sit beside me in a chair reading a Bible that he/she has perhaps grows tired of reading from time to time, over the past hundreds of years.