a rant and a prayer.

In Uncategorized on March 1, 2010 at 11:55 pm

So here in Virginia we have a guy named Eric Cantor who is one of our Reps in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have been to his office on the Hill before to lobby on poverty issues. I did not meet him, but I talked with one of his aides. She was a lovely person. I am pretty sure he is a lovely person too, afterall I believe most people are deep down, but he is someone who every time I hear him speak I find myself in disagreement with. Democracy…representatitves that make you want to tear your clothes and put ashes on your head. That may sound a little dramatic, but the lives his policies affect make me more than willing to do this.

As the healthcare debate rages on in Washington, I recently heard Mr. Cantor on the news speaking to the President. He told him that the healthcare plan was simply too expensive and that the American people cannot afford it. He may think in terms of money, but I think in terms of people. I think of the hundreds if not thousands that will die this year because they lacked health coverage. The fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children who will die. I think of the husband of one of my clients, who is spending the last few weeks his wife has to live fighting with insurance companies for adequate coverage. I think of the $150+ a week he has been paying in copays. I think about how he is never going to get this time back…and then I get really angry.

I am even more angry at the spending Mr. Cantor seems pleased to ignore. Of our government’s budget that ranges well over 3 trillion dollars, upwards of 70%  goes to military and defense spending. Our weapons of war that are right now making several defense corporations very rich, and killing unknown numbers of Afghan civilians are never questioned. This sin does not simply come from Republicans or the god-awful Tea party, many Democrats are also just mixed up in it. President Obama has continued the trend of bowing to the call of empire, and has not cut back this spending. To do so would be “unpatriotic”. Well then suppose I will be unpatriotic till the day I die. Let it be, because I want nothing to do with the ways the kingdoms of this world run. I want nothing to do with thirst for power at the expense of the poor and defenseless.

No, I will sit in my sack cloth, ashes, rants, prayers, protests, and blogs. I will be “that” person in conversation. I cannot keep silent about these things. Not just because they are wrong, but because I’m scared that by keeping silent the stronghold of empire will find its way into my heart… That I will come to understand the strategic “importance” of smart bombs and why poor people are simply lazy. So I will be here hating the spirit of empire that overwhelms our actions, but seeking to love the Eric Cantor’s and Obama’s of the world the way Christ loves me. It will be hard, geez it is already hard, but is the only way. Sometimes I have to admit my anger seems to want to overwhelm me, but more often than not I end up in tears for this mess we are all in.

It breaks my heart and I hope it breaks yours as well.


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