In Uncategorized on March 29, 2010 at 7:28 pm

I need one.

As my final semester winds down it seems to be the topic on everyone’s (ie. my fellow classmates) mind…sometimes we distract ourselves from this stressful topic by talking about our research projects…then when that becomes too painful we are back to jobs. It is a vicious cycle. Honestly, the thing that stresses me the most about the whole job situation right now is writing cover letters for each job I apply to. Some people tell me that they need to be very specific to the job I am applying for, others tell me that no one pays them that much attention- who to believe? I am trying to find a happy medium at present. Unfortunately I would have more time to work on these cover letters if it were not for the before mentioned research project.

Here is to trusting that it will all work itself out (you can’t see it but I am raising my kombucha bottle and clicking it against my bed post). I grumble, worry, complain, lament, and sometimes cry over all of this, but deep down I trust that God has just the right place for me. If anything this time has been a lesson in letting my priorities go eschew. God has had to talk with me lately about mostly praying about the future (read. a job) and not simply seeking him/her for who they are. God is very good at rescuing me out of my self-absorbed ways…and so is my husband- the extended hand of God in my life. Man oh man, where would I be without them?

I pray you are all remembering to seek God in the midst of this madness. It is after all her/his heart, not their hand that makes this all worth it. Be blessed friends.

ps. coming soon late pictures of my spring break in NYC…


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