How Do We Bleed?

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2010 at 9:13 pm

The day that changed everything.

Jesus turned everything the world knew about how to operate on its head thousands of years ago today. The path he taught us to walk has been at times beautifully understood and horribly misconstrued, or outright ignored by the church throughout history. A few nights before Jesus was crucified he had a final meal with his disciples. He washed their feet and explained to them that their mission in life was to serve the world in love. A few days later he showed them and entire world what this looked like in action.

Serving as Jesus does not mean winning. It does not mean having your way. It does not mean purging the world of its sin. It does not mean getting our moral laws codified in the kingdoms of this world. It does not mean taking anything “back for God”.

Serving as Jesus did means bleeding for people. Literally. It means forgiving our enemies even if they are about to put nails through our hands or perhaps rob us. It means giving of our time, money, dreams and plans so that others (who we think may or may not deserve it) can know they are loved and chosen by God. Bleeding for people requires us to give up our rights just like Jesus. Bleeding for people makes absolutely no sense from a worldly perspective. We get taken advantage of, mocked, ridiculed, we are hated and despised. We become “those” people. When this happens the Bible tells us we are on the right path.

The thing is though that as our blood pours down and out into the world it waters seeds. Seeds of the kingdom. Seeds that bring forth the resurrection we are all waiting for.

My friends lets not make Jesus bleed alone.


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