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Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. ~ Dwight Eisenhower

Two disturbing stories have come out this past week. Stories that make me cry, pray for repentance, and in general want to scream.

In the first we learn of US special forces yet again killing civilians. This time though it included pregnant women. One was the mother of ten, the other a mother of six. 16 children just lost their mothers. 2 babies were just murdered along with their mothers. There are also allegations that the soldiers cut the bullets out of the women’s bodies to cover up their tracks. I for one, would appreciate hearing the pro-life church of America speak up about this one.

The back drop of the second story is a blog written by a friend of a friend. My friend Kyle is part of an organization along with the blog writer called Centurion’s Guild. This organization helps military service members be true to giving God their first allegiance. Naturally they are voices that seek to protect all of God’s children…even the ones our country tells us are enemies. The blog contains a video that different groups have been fighting to obtain under the Freedom of Information act for a couple of years now. The video portrays US helicopters murdering about 12 civilians, including two reporters, and then proceeding to murder those who show up to help the wounded. It is outrageous. We should all be aware that our government lied to us about this video, denied that these actions transpired, and in that once again denied the humanity of all people- Iraqi or American.

I do not share these things simply to be incendiary. I share them because the truth needs to be known. We need to know what war turns our soldiers into; or for the matter what it turns us into. We need to know about the children who have their mother’s stolen from them. We need to know the price of our complacency in allowing these things to continue. We need to know so that we can repent and begin to see these wars from the eyes of our God, who loves everyone involved just the same. I post this for these reasons. Will it make a difference? I do not know. I have to hope it will spread, but maybe it will not.That part is not up to me. I feel strongly that to live with integrity I have to speak out, no matter if it ever makes a difference in others, knowing that it will always make a difference inside my own heart.

There was a man who stood outside the White House nightly holding up a candle in protest for years during the Vietnam War. At one point during an interview he was asked why he kept standing there day after day, even though his protest was not doing anything to end the war. His reply was that he did not expect to change things through his actions, but to instead to keep the war from changing him. He did not want to accept the lies of the empire that told him it was a just cause, and neither do I.

I hope that you will take the time to read the articles, watch the video, and to pray. Prayer is where we start and where we end. The kingdoms of this world may fight with their guns and Apache helicopters. We can fight on our knees.


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