taking the world into my arms

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There is nothing like the last two weeks of school to make a person disappear from blogging forms of life. For me this has been multiplied this time around because these are my last weeks of graduate school, period. Everything is moving so fast, and while I want to be done with school, part of me longs to hang on. A few nights ago, as I my friends and I gathered in one of our favorite cozy Fan spots to celebrate our last day of classes, I kept looking from face to face and thinking this is all happening too fast. For the past two years I have spent Tuesday mornings over coffee, laughter, tears, and commiseration with these ladies…and now that tradition will be no more. There will be no more breaks between classes to grab a second cup of coffee, or times where we dash from class in time to make it to wine down at Ipanama.

Beyond the friendships, everything else seems to be moving fast. It is exciting, tiresome, and a little scary all at once. I finish my field placement today and on Monday morning I will wake up and go to work. Thats right folks, WORK. I got a job. As of last week I am now employed with the Greater Richmond League of Therapists. I feel so blessed to have found a job period; but above and beyond I got the job I wanted. I’ll share more about it later, but suffice to say I will be doing in-home family therapy, and working on an autism treatment team.

I got an email yesterday asking me to come in Monday morning so that I can meet the family that I may begin seeing by myself on Thursday…what??!! Like I said things are moving very fast. I struggle with this because I love to be fully present in moments, and then go tuck myself into the corner of a coffee shop and journal about it all. As of yet, my journal still has no idea that I got employed, if that tells you about how fast things are moving.

I trust though that it will all be okay. The past few months have been a time to learn how to trust God in a new way, and I’d like to think that I am trusting more. I wrote a post just a few weeks ago about waiting and trusting God in the process. So far the word spoken over me about having my future path be wide and clear has been true. In the same day God gave me a job, he/she also gave Phil and I a car for free. Grace never ends. It starts new each morning; and I trust that it is going before me even as I move quickly from one chapter of life to another.

I’ve also been in the process of saying goodbye to all my coworkers and clients this week. It has been hard, but good. Once again God has had amazing timing. Clients that I would otherwise not have been able to see in person have been at my every turn this week. Some were hospitalized for one medical reason or another, others have just happened to stop by, and others have come in for tests. Just yesterday morning as I walked into work a dear client was sitting outside in a wheelchair. After dropping off my stuff I popped down on the sidewalk for about an hour to talk with her. I told her it was my last week. She told me her chemo was not working and they had given her a year to live. We talked about death, and we talked about what it meant for her to live. She shared her goals for her last year. They were beautiful. We discussed our gardens. Sometimes we just sat in silence letting the spring breeze blow over us. Lastly, we hugged and said goodbye.

I thank God for all these times over the last week, because truly they were sacred. I believe human relationships are so vital to what it means to be alive…and I have been blessed to honor my relationships with my classmates and friends, coworkers and clients over the last week. As a parting token to my clients I gave them all a copy of the poem “wild geese” by Mary Oliver. She is one of my favorite poets, if not my very favorite. She also wrote this next part that basically sums up my heart on life:

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.
–   Mary Oliver


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