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In Uncategorized on May 27, 2010 at 8:10 am

Life has been a little out of whack lately. I started my job about three weeks ago and it has been crazy. Last week I had graduation and got sick just to make things a little more insane. I’m struggling to find time to write mostly because I am rarely around computers anymore. I spend 3 to 6+ hours a day in my clients homes and spend the rest of my time in the office or driving from one client to the next. I don’t get off work usually until 7:30 or later and by then I just want to hang out with Phil….so yeah, it has been a struggle to blog. I will be back though. There is too much to ponder, share, and honestly rant about.

Speaking of rants. Police recently shot a 7-year-old in the face, killing her, after they had already thrown a stun (or flash) grenade into her family’s home that caught the girl on fire. The police were looking for a suspect they believed was staying in the upstairs of the home. Since when is it the practice of our police to use military grade technology in a family home in the early morning hours? Don’t they know that there is probably a family there? Uggghhh. It breaks my heart. What a complete lack of forsight, wisdom, and in general the ability to think things through to their conclusion.

A less violent example of this would be Virginia’s own governor declaring a while back that we would be celebrating Confederate History month…one that makes no mention of slavery. Not sure how he could have missed the amazingly inappropriateness of it all, but he did. A local African-American pastor summed it up pretty well “These days we cloak our racism, instead proclaiming our right to celebrate our ‘heritage'”. Well put Pastor Cardwell. Well put.

I hope you have a love-filled day…I hope that you can take time to pray for all those who make decisions that lead to 7-year-olds being shot, and entire groups of people once again feeling the sting of racism. Lets pray a better world in. Lets do it together.


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