the kids.

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Some of Phil and I’s children (aka garden plants) have been struggling this year. We started our vegetables from seed this year, and well, they did not do much of anything. Most of them grew about three inches tall and then just retired for the year. After doing some research we learned that a lot of heirloom varieties (which we used) tend to fall prey to disease in the South East of the country. Well that explains a lot. Thankfully we have been able to buy some veggie plants to take their place in the garden boxes, though I have no pictures yet.

There are however, two new and exciting things happening with the kiddos this year. The first is the addition of fruit to our family. Phil and I have acquired a cantaloupe plant, a strawberry plant, and my most favorite- a blueberry plant!!! Last Saturday I picked my first blueberry. It was wonderous. I love fruit and I love the idea that we will be able to get fruit from our front yard. Now if only dad had the heart to adopt a lonely watermelon plant….

The second exciting part is our herbs. Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh. The herbs have just gone crazy. We bought a few of them, and also started some from seed last fall. The ones we started from seed were not doing much of anything until we sat them outside this Spring. Suddenly life in its fullest has sprung  forth. Our oregano plants used to be half the size of my hand, if that. They are now both the biggest herb plants we have. Needless to say the parents are very proud. And for that matter, amazed. It is always such a joy to watch with wonder as things grow. Each new branch of leaves is a small miracle  of life. It may sound silly, but these plants make me so happy, and fill me with a child-like amazement at the world. I have to imagine that this  is how God feels about us. God laments when our seeds stop growing, and he/she does all they can to help…and God also gets super pumped when the plant that looked the wimpiest of them all suddenly sprouts forth to become something beautiful and life-giving. Thanks for believing in me God when I was just a wimpy seed. It means a lot.

So in my giddy and thankful state here are some pictures of Phil and I’s pride and joy…

Our oregano just starting its growth spurt

The herbs- parsley, mint, thyme, basil, and the oregano still growing on the bottom right.

Green goodness

We also adopted lavender

Brock Family Photo- Phil, Joy, Jasmine, Wildflowers, Cucumber seedlings, Pepper seedlings, Eggplant seedlings, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Mint, Parsley, Lavender, More flowers, Basil seedlings...


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