dear old Dad.

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2010 at 10:47 pm

I would be greatly remiss if I did not take a moment to remember my Dad today. I have always loved my Dad. I guess I grew up partly a daddy’s girl. I have always watched him to make sure he was okay, because his well-being has always been tied to my heart. I have always counted on him to be a steady, permanent, lighthouse in the midst of my life sailing…and he has not let me down. Thank you Dad for making me feel safe, loved, and believed in enough to pursue and follow God into a life I never imagined I would have. Thank you for teaching me about what it means to be there for others no matter what. I stand in awe when I consider who you are Dad. The way you have stood by my family through the good and the bad. The way you committed himself to raising three more kids after having raised three before. I cannot imagine all the trials my Dad has faced. I may never know the toll they took on him. I can see the character they created in him though. Character I aspire to. I have seen the human side of my Dad too. The things I do not agree with (Bill O’Reilly…ugh). There have been moments that disappointed; but even now I would not trade these moments or failings. I want and have a Dad that is human and real. I have a Dad I can relate to. I have a Dad that more often than not, I look up to. A Dad whom I hope to grow up to be like one day.

Back when I was in my late teens I remember talking with a family friend one day about my Dad. She said that while at a party someone had mentioned to him that I was turning out well so he must have done a good job raising me. My Dad’s reply was that he had not raised me, but that I had raised myself. Well Dad, this is one time I have to say you are more than wrong. I would never be the person I am if it was not for you. You bleed over into every part of who I am; every part of what my life has been and will become (for instance I will forever become friends with checkout clerks and waitresses because of you, and one day I may to know everyone in Chesterfield county)  So thank you…and know that words will never do justice to how much I love you.


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