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come one. come all.

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If you are in town this upcoming Thursday you should check out this event happening at Richmond’s very own Byrd Theater. I’m sad to say I cannot be there myself, but I have a friend getting married so we will be toasting the town for her last 48 hours as a single woman. If however you are free, PLEASE check it out, and bring your friends.



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Phil and I have a new home! We love it, and are amazed by God’s hand in it all. More to come about how we wound up where we are, why we are here, and what we hope for in this new place. God is good, and I cannot wait to see what happens here.

Fire on the Fourth

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We spent our fourth of July on a rock in the middle of the river. It was grand. I hope yours was as well!

nashville times

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Two weeks ago today, Phil and I woke up at an ungodly hour to make a 6 am flight to Nashville. To say that we spent three days with good friends does not really do justice to how great a time we had with our friends the Caldwells. Hanging out with Kyle and Jessica is both a relaxing experience and a grand adventure. The relaxing part comes from us having a great time simply sitting around the house together talking…or how we all collectively head to our rooms for a nap once the kids are down for their naps. The kids themselves are, of course, a huge part of the adventure. I love to see who all the Caldwell children are becoming. Ezra and Avery are talking so much, and have wonderful tidbits of truth to share. Ezra, for example, told us about how Jesus does not have a sword or gun, and how he/she loves butterflies. Trevor has become such a little person since we saw him last. He refuses to wear clothes most of the time, and I love it. This was our first time meeting Eden, and she was simply a delight. She has a calm and beautiful spirit in the midst of her energetic, older brothers.

With four kids Kyle and Jessica have their hands full, and it was such fun to jump into the mix with them for a few days. Phil and I took turns patting backs of kids having nightmares, held children who were grumpy after their naps, and held precious little Eden for usually no reason beyond her crazy cuteness. Watching Kyle and Jessica parent was a great teaching experience as Phil and I approach that journey. On our flight home Phil and I discussed how watching Jessica and Kyle took some of the fear out of becoming parents some day. They have embraced the journey and pour themselves into it. They are a wonderful couple to talk with, and learn from, about the concept of domestic monasticism. They hold strongly to the truth that every way they serve their children is an act of worship. That every time they deny themselves in loving their children and each other, they come closer to the true image of God implanted amongst us all. It is both beautiful and challenging.

We were not the only house guests at the Caldwells. One of Kyle’s friends from Centurian’s Guild, Logan, was also staying with the Caldwells for a few weeks before starting a masters program at Duke. It was great to get to know another person who is passionate about living out God’s kingdom. Strangely enough, I already knew of Logan because he blogs for Sojourners on the topic of war and peace, and is mentioned in one of Shane Claiborne’s books;  it can be a small world.

So yes, we spent our days sitting around the table, eating, talking, reading, watching Thomas the Train, cooking food together, playing with the kids, napping from exhaustion, finding excuses to kiss the fluffy Eden, and at night as the house became quiet from sleeping children we would assemble on the back porch to dream together. Monday night we did it right. We started early…probably around 8pm. At first it was just Phil, myself and Logan. Over time Kyle joined us, and by around 10pm Jessica was with us as well. We talked, laughed, and dreamed until after 2 am. We ended our night with a prayer, and a casual attitude about the fact that the children would be waking up in less than five hours.

It was all wonderful… Even with the huge lack of sleep we all experienced on Tuesday; it was all well worth it. Once again I have to say how thankful I am for these friends. When I look back on the coincidences that led to us meeting and becoming friends, I have no doubt that God’s hand brought us together. So much has changed within us since we met, and I am sure more change is coming. We are on the journey together. And that could not make me any more happy. Thanks for hosting us friends!!!

A few pictures of the weekend~


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I’ve disappeared because I’ve been out of town…and since returning to town I’ve been working 12 hour days and MOVING!!!

So yes, little time and no internet at the new place.

I’ll be back soon with recaps of the trip, the move, and all the little things in between.