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It has been a summer of change in our parts…especially at our church. In the last few weeks we have sent out several of our families to do missions work. Some are on their way to Romania, others to Thailand. Another family is leaving because they are taking on the senior pastor role at another church. Finally, after twenty-two years, Pastor Wayne and Diane left this past Sunday. It was a beautiful and emotional service….aka I cried a lot. I am so excited for what God has next for my pastors, but it has been hard letting them go. But that is exactly what we all did. As I stood there on Sunday I could gently hear God saying “Let them go Joy”. So I cried some more and let them go.

In their leaving we as a church have been experiencing the transition of having our associate pastor Shawn, come on as our senior pastor. Phil and I have talked many times this week about how thankful we are that God has prepared us for this as an entire church, and that God is walking us through it with such grace. Pastor Shawn has been at our church for fifteen years and has built trust with all of us. So thankfully the church is moving gracefully on. Every word of God that is brought to us talks about how this is a new time of growth for us a church. I believe the same, and though I am not sure of what it looks like, I am excited and expectant.

For most of the summer though I have been thinking about this new growth coming solely from the pastors and the rest of our church, but in the last few days it has occurred to me that God wants me and Phil to grow as well.  I do not know exactly what this looks like. I know that Phil and I have been feeling a new call to prayer. To be more disciplined to pray and spend time with God. Ironically it is two secular (of sorts) books that I have read recently that have helped me be in a spirit of thankful prayer a lot more. During my recent bout with bronchitis I read “Eat Pray Love” and “A Year of Living Biblically”. Neither of the writers were Christians, but their journeys and explorations reminded my heart that God is someone to be in awe of, and that there is so much in my life that I need to be thankful of. Prayer and meditation are big parts of both books, and since them I have felt my heart drawn to a place of just meditating on how awesome God is. I realized that I don’t sit in awe of God enough.

So perhaps this next season will be one of sitting in awe and saying prayers of thanks. Who knows.

Either way in a spirit of thankfulness I have to say thank you to God for bringing me to Cornerstone and putting me under the leadership of Wayne, Diane, and all our other pastors. My life has been forever changed for the good by Wayne and Diane. At Cornerstone I first experienced what it is to be safe in a church. What it is to know that even if you do not think the same things everyone else, God still loves you and accepts you just as much. They made it clear to me that the church is not about people who have a lot in common, but simply a place where people have Jesus in common. It is a place where I the war protester take my communion next to the war supporter. They taught me about surrendering my convictions if they ever get in the way of loving others. They taught me about the importance of being around people who are different from me. Most importantly they taught me about Jesus. There has been so much Jesus in my life since I came to the church almost five years ago. Jesus was held up, Jesus was focused upon, Jesus was worshipped.

Jesus is all the legacy they really need.

I hope you all have a awe-filled day…for God is good.


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