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Saturday delights.

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Saturday mornings are always great when they involve this cool girl:

Happy Saturday my friends. I hope it is a peaceful and Jesus-filled day for us all.



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So it is Friday and in about an hour I will begin a day of providing 8 and a 1/2 hours of therapy. To help psych myself up for this I made myself a huge cup of decaf this morning, which always feels like a treat, and I thought I would share some fun things about my job…moreso as a reminder to myself of why it is all okay.

It is a Friday and I will be wearing jeans and a hoodie to work, but not because it is Friday but because I can basically wear whatever I want to my job. I really enjoy being able to dress casual or professional depending on my mood. Of course there are times that I have to look nice (going to a client’s school or court) but they are greatly outnumbered by days that a hoodie  and chacos are allowed.

On any given day at the office I will spend a good 15 minutes lying on the floor laughing with my coworkers. We have chairs, but we tend to make our way to the floor regularly. Also, on any given day I will find myself practicing some obscure yoga pose with a coworker…that will usually end with 15 minutes of laughing on the floor. The best part is that if my boss were to walk by in any of these moments he would either laugh at us, tease us, or join in.

So it is Friday…and it will be okay. Actually it will be better than okay it will be great. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday yourselves!!

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So this past Monday Phil and I celebrated two years of marriage! I could go on and on about these two years, but in the interest of keeping it simple I will just say it has been the best two years of my life in every way possible. It has been life changing to grow alongside Phil during this time.

And I am very thankful.


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rolling with the punches means:

– working a twelve-hour day and only getting paid for 5 and a half of those hours. bleh.

– not getting any exercise in over two weeks thanks to these old lungs. yoga?

– accepting that perhaps my allergies mean that I will feel lightheaded for long periods of time. sigh.

– planning a party for someone and then finding out they cannot attend. laughable and re-shedulable.

– finding out my body is intolerant of fruit. what?

– having a five-year old call me a f%*k!ng bitch and then threaten to cut off my head. seriously?

– seeing a cockroach in the crawl space of my kitchen that was supposed to be closed up a month ago. ohh well.

Over our weekend vacation I read in Philippians where Paul talks about being content no matter what. Whether he had enough or not enough. Whether he was in prison or free. It was a great reminder that I can be content even if my health still is not good (though I am hoping I am in the upswing!), I am poor from all these doctors visits, my clients lives are crazy messes of drama and dysfunction, and a five-year old wants to cut off my head. I can be content, because God is good and well with him/her all these things are put in much more manageable perspective.

Hope you are well  my friends. Sorry for the shocking profanity, but my client clearly did not feel like holding back. And that my friends is how the cookie crumbles.


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Let me begin by apologizing to all my friends who have already heard me talk about/complain about this topic to no end lately….

So I have in the past month acquired a second full-time job. A job that takes tons of time, is highly frustrating, and does not pay. Actually it makes me pay. I’m sick. I’ve been sick for about two months now (cold, broncitis, not being able to breathe due to tightness and pain in my chest, in that order). I’m sick of being sick…and trying to figure out what is wrong with me is my new expensive, full-time job. Five doctors visits so far. Four to Patient First (mildly expensive to expensive when you factor in the prescriptions). One to see a naturopathic doctor (wildly expensive). I have a pending appointment this Friday to see a lung specialist. I’ve been on the phone this morning trying to find a new primary care doctor that will see me today because in addition to my regular sickness it appears that I may be getting sick with something else.

I’m on a huge amount of medications, some of which I believe are probably superflous…but you’d probably take them too if you could not breathe half the time. Lets count them up: Proventil (inhaler), Advair (inhaler), Singulair, Cod Liver Oil, Elderberry, a natural inhaler, and will soon be on something called Hawthorne.

So once again to all my friends that have had to hear me talk about this a lot over the past few months I am sorry. It just sort of consumes your thoughts and life when you don’t feel well. I’ve missed a lot of work. When I do make it through work I get home at 7:30 or 8 ready to go right to bed. I also usually get home and cry out of frustration at feeling this way and not knowing what is going on. So in the midst of this I must mention that I have an incredible husband who has listened to me ask questions, complain, and cry more times than I can count. He has stayed home from work with me. He fixes me meals. He has not said a word when I have had to cancel my appointments and just stay in bed. Basically he has been the very definition of God’s grace to me.

This full-time job really cut into the training I was trying to do for the half-marathon. In fact it completely cut it out. The doctors have not told me what is wrong with me, but they have forbid me to run. I can see where they are coming from. I could not even get in two miles last week without having to take my rescue inhaler twice. It was not a pretty sight.

Sigh. So thats all I’ve got folks. A weepy, whiny post. I’ve haven’t post much of all at late because I just haven’t had anything inside of me. I sort of feel like a vacuous waste of nothingness when it comes to creativity…I know not to be dramatic or anything.

Sigh again. So I’m just here. Being uncreative, trying to get better, and trying to trust God and understand what this experience is about. The Psalms have been helping. Some of the people in them are having rough days too, and being pretty dramatic about it.