In Uncategorized on October 13, 2010 at 8:42 pm

rolling with the punches means:

– working a twelve-hour day and only getting paid for 5 and a half of those hours. bleh.

– not getting any exercise in over two weeks thanks to these old lungs. yoga?

– accepting that perhaps my allergies mean that I will feel lightheaded for long periods of time. sigh.

– planning a party for someone and then finding out they cannot attend. laughable and re-shedulable.

– finding out my body is intolerant of fruit. what?

– having a five-year old call me a f%*k!ng bitch and then threaten to cut off my head. seriously?

– seeing a cockroach in the crawl space of my kitchen that was supposed to be closed up a month ago. ohh well.

Over our weekend vacation I read in Philippians where Paul talks about being content no matter what. Whether he had enough or not enough. Whether he was in prison or free. It was a great reminder that I can be content even if my health still is not good (though I am hoping I am in the upswing!), I am poor from all these doctors visits, my clients lives are crazy messes of drama and dysfunction, and a five-year old wants to cut off my head. I can be content, because God is good and well with him/her all these things are put in much more manageable perspective.

Hope you are well  my friends. Sorry for the shocking profanity, but my client clearly did not feel like holding back. And that my friends is how the cookie crumbles.


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