In Uncategorized on October 29, 2010 at 8:04 am

So it is Friday and in about an hour I will begin a day of providing 8 and a 1/2 hours of therapy. To help psych myself up for this I made myself a huge cup of decaf this morning, which always feels like a treat, and I thought I would share some fun things about my job…moreso as a reminder to myself of why it is all okay.

It is a Friday and I will be wearing jeans and a hoodie to work, but not because it is Friday but because I can basically wear whatever I want to my job. I really enjoy being able to dress casual or professional depending on my mood. Of course there are times that I have to look nice (going to a client’s school or court) but they are greatly outnumbered by days that a hoodie  and chacos are allowed.

On any given day at the office I will spend a good 15 minutes lying on the floor laughing with my coworkers. We have chairs, but we tend to make our way to the floor regularly. Also, on any given day I will find myself practicing some obscure yoga pose with a coworker…that will usually end with 15 minutes of laughing on the floor. The best part is that if my boss were to walk by in any of these moments he would either laugh at us, tease us, or join in.

So it is Friday…and it will be okay. Actually it will be better than okay it will be great. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday yourselves!!


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