leftover thankfullness.

In Uncategorized on December 7, 2010 at 8:28 am

Can I begin by simply saying how thankful I am for holidays that make you stop working so that you can spend good quality time with people you love, doing things you love. I mean seriously can I get an amen for how good a four-day break is. And well this was a four-day break filled with good food and family.

On with it then…leftover thankfullness from this Thanksgiving season :

1. Getting to see so much family. We got to spend time with both my grandmothers, and I had a good call out to California to talk with my sister.

2. Exercising with my husband. With all of my respiratory issues I am very thankful to God to have been able to run a 10k Thanksgiving morning with Phil and do yoga. I did not run fast, but I ran, and it was perhaps the most beautiful run I have ever experienced.

3. Spending time with friends. Talking with people face-to-face is always such a blessing.

4. Having more holiday time to look forward to.

5. Naps. Enough said.

6. Helping my father clean out the family storage unit…therefore getting to spend about two days sifting through family memories. I brought home about seven family picture albums that I have not seen in years. It was wonderful to see all the pictures of my mom. I also found all the cards people sent to us after her passing. It was a blessing to spend time reading all the kind things people had to say about her. Other treasures found include my American girl dolls (to be re-gifted this Christmas), my sister and I’s Cabbage Patch dolls, and my Raggedy Ann dolls (they will be staying)!

7. Having great quality time with my husband. I can never get enough of it, but I am always thankful for what I get.

8. Lastly I am very thankful to have a job to return to. It may be long hours, and little pay…but it is a great job, and I am blessed to have it. I continually hear about those who have been unemployed for over a year and I am amazed at how blessed I am to be working full-time.

It is all very good.


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