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So I took a little (long) break from blogging…but I’m back. Something that I have also taken a much longer break from is taking pictures…seriously I have not taken a picture quite a few months. I need to work on this. In the mean time all I am left with is words.

To update you on the last month or so. I have been:

– Busy with work. I have more job responsibilities and a lot more balls to juggle. Everyday it seems there is a list of probation officers, DSS social workers, CASA workers, and teachers to call on top of actually seeing clients and doing counseling.

– Busy doing things when I should be doing paperwork. A fine example would be that I recently started watching Prison Break on Netflix. All the seasons are available instantly (read: disaster for my productivity).

– Enjoying teaching myself to knit with my fingers. I have been a knitting machine in the last week. I have made about four scarves and one hat, and I’m working on a new hat and scarf right now. It has been rejuvenating to do something creative again.

– Stretching myself to pursue things I care about. I took a workshop two weekends ago and am now considered a professional doula. I am pretty excited, and equally intimidated to begin pursuing clients. Aside from reading, reading, reading I now have to write a business contract and make business cards…right after I catch up on paperwork from job #1.

– Planning for our garden this year with Phil. It has been fun, but a lot of hard work is coming. I have concerns about the lack of sunlight in our backyard so we will have to see how this all turns out.

– Enjoying having to drive so much for my job because I have started listening to audio books. Why was I not doing this before??? Thanks for the idea Shea!

In the last month of so I have been thinking a lot about too, but I have to go to work so I will share those thoughts another time.

In the meantime I hope everyone has a wonderful, Jesus-filled weekend.

  1. Congratulations on becoming a doula! I’m pregnant – due June 19th and I’ve just learned a ton of information about doulas and hired one for the birth of our daughter. Best of luck to you starting up your business. It’s a valuable service, I’m sure you’ll find clients in no time! 🙂

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