Justice where art thou?

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Hello all,

You may or may not have noticed that our government is at an impasse over the federal budget. Right now Paul Ryan and Republican representative is campaigning for a budget that would make huge (billions of dollars) cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, among other important programs. The (huge) problem is that these are programs that serve and care for the poor in this country. They are also programs that result in the employment of persons such as myself and my husband. Making these cuts would be disastrous. And as a Christian I must say that they would completely fly in the face of our mandate to care for the poor and uphold their cause.

So this is me trying to do my part. I’m blogging. I’m talking to everyone I know about this. I just wrote my representative and so should you. I’m also going to start praying. It looks like we are going to need all these things to overcome this. Get involved friends. I guarantee these cuts will deeply affect someone you hold dear.

Dear Congressman Forbes,

I am writing to express my deep concerns over proposed GOP budget plans to make serious cuts to both Medicare and Medicaid. Balancing our budget on the backs of the poor vulnerable is not only impractical, but immoral. If we are not a society that cares for the “least of these” then truly we are no good society. I will gladly pay more taxes to make sure these programs continue to serve people in need.

 I also think that you should be aware that many working persons, including myself and my husband, would be put at risk for unemployment if these cuts were made. I am a clinical social worker who works predominately with children and families that receive Medicaid. Not only will these cuts hurt the poor, they will create new poor. I pray that you will come to see that these cuts are no solution to solving our budget problems. Perhaps you could take another look at the huge amount of money we spend on matters of national defense, and think long and hard about whether any nation needs to spend that much money for such things. I surely do not believe so.

Thanks for taking time to read. I pray that you will think and act with wisdom and courage.


Joy Brock


A link to a good conversation about what is happening.

Lastly lets remember a little of what God has to say about such things: Taken from Amos 5

11 You levy a straw tax on the poor
   and impose a tax on their grain.
Therefore, though you have built stone mansions,
   you will not live in them;
though you have planted lush vineyards,
   you will not drink their wine.
12 For I know how many are your offenses
   and how great your sins.   There are those who oppress the innocent and take bribes
   and deprive the poor of justice in the courts.
13 Therefore the prudent keep quiet in such times,
   for the times are evil.

 14 Seek good, not evil,
   that you may live.
Then the LORD God Almighty will be with you,
   just as you say he is.
15 Hate evil, love good;
   maintain justice in the courts.

May it be so Lord




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