In Uncategorized on April 16, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Things I cannot get enough of these days:

– Saturdays with Phillip…really any day with him

– Lamplighter decaf Americano’s alongside a whole wheat bagel loaded with cream cheese, roasted garlic, fresh tomatoes, and grilled asparagus…ohhhh and hipsters galore, I don’t mind it too much because they bring their cute dogs and kids

– Redecorating my house

– Starting to journal again…it was sorely needed

– Spending time with God when the day is still quiet…and then remembering God is still with me as I deal with people’s intense problems all day long

– Small victories…any old, little, thing will do really

-Seeing the church, any church, do the work of justice here in RVA

– Phil and I’s baked french fries

– Scrubs instantly available of Netflix. My job gives me too much anxiety to be able to watch things like Law and Order…seriously it makes my heart race. So, no thank you, I will take my laughs

– Time with my friends and family. I love them

– Life. It is hard, but it is abundant.


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