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Under the Mercy

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Where have I been for the past month??? Hmmm well practically having  mental break down that God brought me back from basically sums it up. Mental breakdown, bad. God, lots, LOTS of good in all of it…even the break down.

In between there has been prayer. Lots of prayer. Lots of trying to learn to actually give God control over my life versus lip service. Not an easy thing to do. There have also been ice cream cones with girls and baby girls. There has been too much take out from Edo’s Squid, but this girl (and her boy) cannot resist the Penne Carl. There has been a garden that is started to grow, strawberries and blueberries already coming out in force. There has been work parties saying goodbye to lots of my friends. There has been me deciding to stay put at my job for a good long while, and lots of God’s favor therein. There has been the planning of a possible trip to Cali. Phil and I now use smart phones, which appear to be much smarter than we are.

We’ve hung out with friends, laughed, cried. We’ve celebrated a special little baby Reuss yet to be born. We have not cleaned our house enough. We have turned in notice that come August Phil will no longer be employed. We have trusted that better things are to come. We have prayed, faced our anxiety. And every day we are trying to choose faith instead.

We have lived. Lived, thankfully under the Mercy.