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In Search Of A More Perfect submission

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This morning Phil and I managed to get ourselves to the early service at church. It was a great service. Lots of Godly wisdom shared (through a Godly man with a British accent…wonderful), and Phil and I made time to pray together about some of the big changes coming up. A theme that God appears to be speaking to us (given that the same phrase has been spoken to us twice in the past month) revolves around the concept that God’s delays are not denials. As our lives are being upended right now it was a good morning to remember this, and also pay serious attention to the sermon subject of submission to God. It all fit together in my mind as just what I needed to hear. The thing is God just provided me with a good (read: great) job, and yet there is still this tension in my heart. There are questions of “Is this what I am supposed to do with my life?” “Can I really serve God best in this capacity?” Does this work matter in terms of what I want my life to be about?”, etc that have been quieted as I remember that God has a better plan than me. I need to remember to submit to this better plan. And remember that perhaps the delays in certain areas of my life and passions, are really putting me on the RIGHT course towards the destination where I want to be. I am following God, and as far as I can tell through prayer this new job is within God’s will for me. So that’s a safe place, it’s a blessed place. It is the place I want to be.

To make things even better after church we took ourselves to Starbucks for almost two hours. We drank our coffee (decaf for me, regular for him) and split the Sunday New York Times. We have since had lunch with family and spent time rearranging our home. Now we are on our way to The Melting Pot to celebrate me getting a new (right) job. Simply put. God’s steadfast love and faithfulness is so, so good.


Nephew love

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So the sad truth is that I have only seen my youngest nephew and handful of times since he was born…which made five days with him last week just awesome. He was pretty shy around Phil and I until our last day, when he came up to me, put his little hands on my face to turn my head and then planted a big one on my lips…He laughed and ran away, I cried because it was so wonderful.
The sound quality is poor, but I hope you can hear his laugh because it is probably the laugh God has based on how good it is!

Vacation Nation

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California was like taking a big, deep breath after about a month or so of shallow breathing. It brought life, rejuvenation, and peace to Phil and I…I cannot help but believe that all along God planned for us to be gone, just as we were discovering I was about to be unemployed (So yeah I’m about to be unemployed, long story for another post). It was a mighty fine trick God did, and I think it worked. Me, the anxious one, was mostly completely at peace the whole time. Phil and I had great time to talk about pray about the next steps. We dreamed together again about what could be, and practiced acceptance of what is.

It was so great to see so many people we care about-my sister’s family (so great) who blessed us in so many ways, our friends who helped encourage us and challenge us to keep dreaming and diving into the things we care about. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of food (I have dubbed this vacation the “no carb left behind” vacation, good serious talks, and so much beauty to behold in California that I can only hope we were able to take it all in.

Thank you God for such a gift. As we have returned home there is not anxiety about the future, but instead anticipation. I cannot wait to see what God does.

As we move towards that I will be back to share about why I will be filing for unemployment soon, and also hopefully coming to you with a list of all the perks of being unemployed. Ha!! Let me tell you I think I have already discovered some of them, and I’m not even fully unemployed yet.


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Shoot it sure has been awhile. I let life get too busy, I let myself get too busy…I forgot to live in wonder and thought I needed to focus on surviving.
I can be quite dense at times…
Working on it. Be back soon