In Search Of A More Perfect submission

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2011 at 4:29 pm

This morning Phil and I managed to get ourselves to the early service at church. It was a great service. Lots of Godly wisdom shared (through a Godly man with a British accent…wonderful), and Phil and I made time to pray together about some of the big changes coming up. A theme that God appears to be speaking to us (given that the same phrase has been spoken to us twice in the past month) revolves around the concept that God’s delays are not denials. As our lives are being upended right now it was a good morning to remember this, and also pay serious attention to the sermon subject of submission to God. It all fit together in my mind as just what I needed to hear. The thing is God just provided me with a good (read: great) job, and yet there is still this tension in my heart. There are questions of “Is this what I am supposed to do with my life?” “Can I really serve God best in this capacity?” Does this work matter in terms of what I want my life to be about?”, etc that have been quieted as I remember that God has a better plan than me. I need to remember to submit to this better plan. And remember that perhaps the delays in certain areas of my life and passions, are really putting me on the RIGHT course towards the destination where I want to be. I am following God, and as far as I can tell through prayer this new job is within God’s will for me. So that’s a safe place, it’s a blessed place. It is the place I want to be.

To make things even better after church we took ourselves to Starbucks for almost two hours. We drank our coffee (decaf for me, regular for him) and split the Sunday New York Times. We have since had lunch with family and spent time rearranging our home. Now we are on our way to The Melting Pot to celebrate me getting a new (right) job. Simply put. God’s steadfast love and faithfulness is so, so good.


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