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In Uncategorized on August 26, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Today at work I scrolled through many an article about Hurricane Irene (who is seriously trying to ruin everyone’s weekend). In every article there was mention of how government officials were having millions along our coasts evacuate (no small task I imagine), and  how local governments were preparing to respond to Irene. I got an email from my local representative (I don’t agree with your policies Randy Forbes, but I appreciate your service nonetheless) giving me tips on how to prepare and phone numbers for my local government and power company (how helpful). On the drive home I listened to a story about how the National Guard and other governmental units have been called up to begin preparing to assist our communities in need.

And I could not help but think…

If you really take the Tea Party message to heart then all of this big government is a waste. All those people who are making sure the 46+ millions of Americans, who are going to be affected by Irene, are safe and prepared for this huge hurricane are a scourge on our “great” country. These people and the work they do is excessive and wasteful. They are impeding on our rights to stay in our homes and possibly die, and worse yet they are making us foot the bill (taxes ohhh no its taxes) to save our fellow Americans’ lives.

Seriously? Seriously??? What happened to the common good? Why do we view government as such a bad thing when really it does so much good. Is it perfect? No. Can it be wasteful at times? Yes. But I sure wouldn’t like to see us try to tackle Irene without it.


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