Windy Weekend

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2011 at 9:13 am





Irene has come and gone…and left quite the mess. It was a weekend of both craziness and calm. The bad was no power, trying to find people to help us move when you know a hurricane had just hit and everyone’s yard is a disaster, and a general feeling of stress I had all weekend.
The good thankfully outweighed the bad- everyone I know and love is fine, people are paying more attention to each other and helping each other out, at stoplights that are out we wave and acknowlege each other, lots of people are giving up the right-of-way, I still got to go to church and worship with my family, people have been gracious and generous to us and others. Lastly I’m thankful for all our great friends who have taken us in, fed us, let us shower, and simply hung out with us. Above are scenes of a 4+ hours game of monopoly we played with the Davis’ (aka some of my favorite people).


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