The List.

In Uncategorized on October 23, 2011 at 7:48 pm

This past year I made a resolution to journal every day about 10 things I was thankful for…well I have not been entirely sucessful in keeping up with it, but it has been good nontheless. Here recently I came across a similar idea on one of my favorite blogs and have decided to try to blog weekly about things that I am thankful for/things that make me happy.
So here goes:

1. The cuddle time I get to have with Phil between when our alarm goes off, we press snooze and when it goes off again. It is especially awesome now that our room is chilly and it is darker as we wake up in the morning time. (TMI??)

2. A great job that I am really enjoying and learning from.

3. Getting to see our friends Jacob and Lauren, and Diana and Will all get married over the past two weekends. They were both beautiful weddings with good people and good dancing. Does it get better? I think not.

4. I talked to my grandma for the first time in like two months (I’m a bad granddaughter), and it was so good. Planning a NC trip as we speak.

5. The weather has been beautiful and crisp.

6. I had Indian food yesterday, which doesn’t happen often, and it was delightful.

7. I have begun running again, and it suprisingly has not killed me like I thought it would.

8. All the great blogs out there that I get to read. Ohhh and the convenience of having them all pop up in my googlereader.

9. Our last weekend with the “kids”; it was great and life-giving.

10. Taking communion in a Korean church. The body of Christ broken for you, broken for all of us. The blood of Christ shed for me, and shed for you too.


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