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In Uncategorized on October 31, 2011 at 10:10 am

This morning I find myself on a coffee shop crawl (the much more Christian version of a bar crawl…or is it?…Anyways). I started my morning at Lamplighter for a breakfast sandwich of egg, tomato, avocado, havarti, and soy chorizo (yum); and then continued on to Crossroads because that is the only place to drink chai lattes in the Fan in my opinion. It has been a morning to date myself, relax, reflect, make time to communicate through email to people who matter to me and are far away, and to take a deep breath where I remind myself that God will help me survive this season of life.

Yesterday our missionary from Peru spoke at church as part of our missions focus this month. He shared about the earthquakes in Peru over the past year; the physical, emotional, and spiritual ones. Yes, the country got rocked literally with a 8.0 magnitude earthquake, but beyond that  he explained that he has been seeing his ministry team rocked emotionally and spiritually. None of this  was a surprise to him, because he shared that God had spoken to him before about how they should prepare to be rocked. He spoke the same word/promise of a coming rocking to our church, and instead of uttering a  simple  AMEN, I wanted to stand up and declare “you sure as hell are right about that pastor because things are already rocking over here” (I refrained). God prepped me and Phillip for this season of rocking too, but boy ohh boy does the shaking get to be a lot at times.

So on this fine and crisp Monday morning I am taking time to reflect on the rest of the pastor’s message that we best make sure that God is the foundation we build our lives on. That God is the foundation we cling to. He shared that in the Bible when God commands Joshua to “be strong and courageous” the translation of “be strong” equates to holding onto something that is stronger than you. How beautiful is that? I don’t know about you, but that sure does take a lot of the pressure off. Today I am going to hold on to something stronger than me…that and my chai latte.

I pray that you can do the same today. We’re in this together after all. We hold onto God, who points us toward holding on to each other (the beautiful community).Though I already know that God will work all of this out, that I, we, will come out of all this alive and more aware of God’s power and love through it all; I still struggles from time to time. I guess when you are still in the storm, and things are still shaking sometimes all you can do is cling to the hands of your friends God gives you, and trust that it will be harder for any of you to be knocked down when your hand is being held on either side.  

So Cheers (quick throw a shot of decaf espresso in your chai and drink the whole thing as fast a possible… @chai bomb) to having a God who is stronger than me, and the friends God gives me to walk through this shaking, beautiful mess of a life together!



ps. When I hit spellcheck I discovered that I had misspelled “spiritual” every single time in this post…should I be worried about that?


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