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Monday p.m.

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For the past four weeks, and for the next four weeks I spend three hours of my evening in a classroom behind this machine.
For my birthday my ever great partner signed me up for a sewing class at the Visual Arts Center in the city.
I remember that I started drawing clothing designs when I was in the fourth grade. I almost studied fashion design in college randomly enough. Taking this course has been wonderful, and really hard. I spend those three hours in intense concentration over what the teacher is trying to show the class.
I have been realizing more and more lately that the things in life that I am interested in will not always come easy to me. No, some things will require hours and hours of work just to learn the basics.

I guess I should have come to that conclusion earlier about life in general. After all I am 27, and still studying the basics.



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Sometimes you have a winter in your soul where you have to pull everything inside away from the cold, wet, and dark that is outside. You have to spend time tending to the fire within you. You have to give it things you know will help it burn bright like face to face time with Jesus, date nights, time with good friends, a second glass of wine. And when that alone does not do it, you give it something new.

I had a winter of the soul for a bit, but I am coming back. Slowly but surely it is looking like it is time to venture out again from this inward home of mine.