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Last night Phillip met me after work and we headed across the street to Richmond Hill for evening prayer and dinner with the community there. As evening prayer began, the prayer leader read from a book passage about secular versus sacred. Or to put it better, merging the secular and the sacred.

It is so easy to live a fragmented life. Church and outreach are sacred. Work, dinner with friends, and going for a run are secular…but are they really? The book argued that they are not. That instead when Jesus came He forever ended a separation between the secular and the sacred…visibly seen in the curtain separating us from the holy of holies being torn as he was crucified.

It was a beautiful thought to end our night on. To know that Jesus came to unify every part of our lives into something beautiful and sacred. It makes sense really when you consider that God created everything. He was/and is creation…He was/is every part of our lives (minus the sin) and therefore He wants us to see it all as sacred (and treat it as such). My work, your kid’s soccer game, that trip to the DMV, Sunday school…it is all sacred.

In light of this Phillip and I fully relished ending the night on the couch watching Mansfield Park with Hannah.

The picture comes from some sacred nap time I had the other day. Thirty minutes turned into an hour…and it was good.


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