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A few weekends ago Phillip and I went on a prayer retreat at Richmond Hill. We spent the weekend slowing down, listening to God and each other, repenting of things that had needed it, dedicating our hearts to things that deserve attention and work, and simply enjoying the wonderfully human people who make up the community at Richmond Hill.
If you ever have the oportunity to go on a retreat I greatly encourage you to go. I believe God is always waiting and prepared to speak to us if we will just slow down and listen…and yet there is just something  extra powerful about setting aside a lot of time to listen to God, and sit in God’s presence. It is kind of like a spring cleaning of the heart. It sweeps out the dust and gets rid of some of the clutter, while throwing open the windows to allow a fresh breeze to blow in.

My heart can feel the breeze. And for that I am thankful.


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