Up and Down

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Last week had it’s ups and downs…

Up- Two date nights with a guy I am absolutly crazy about. We had two awesome nights, filled with awesome food (our collective love language) in the city we love.

Down- Tough family stuff.

Up- I ran 4 miles for the first time in over a year!

Down- I had to call CPS on a parent. I cried in my supervisor’s office before going to confront the parent. That part of my job is one of the worst.

Down- I sat across from a young mother, struggling to raise her children while working…who is sick, with no healthcare, and living with the reality that she will probably not live to see her kids make it past 10 years old. Did I mention she was at least 5 years younger than me. The absolute human suffering out there is the worst part of my job. The anger/sadness/indignation I feel towards our society for not taking care of the poor is something that haunts me daily.

Up- Spending time with God. He keeps me going, gives me hope for these people I care for, and frequent reminders that He cares for them even more than I do.

Up- We got to see one of our former foreign exchange students play basketball for his school. We cheered like embarassing house parents, and after the game when we offered to take him out to lunch he declined…he wanted to go out with his girlfriend instead. Yikes. We are getting old.

Up- It’s not so bad.

I hope your week was filled with more up than down.


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