Friday Ramblings.

In Uncategorized on March 3, 2012 at 11:15 am


My soul felt like this picture for most of Friday morning. I was swamped with paperwork at my job, tired, and all around discouraged by the conversation happening around the country revolving around women and their bodies. Rush Limbaugh has said some terrible things about women this week. Stuff that makes me feel sick and angry that millions of people listen to this man. I mean how do we give such a hate monger a microphone and radio show?…and geez American society you really know how to sweep a girl off her feet with how awesome you are.
But I digress.
So yeah I was in a bad mood. So bad that I both did not want to walk across the street to lunchtime prayer at Richmond Hill, but also knew I really needed to go. So I went. I listened to Ms. Dell read from Ephesians about how God’s ways are higher than ours; about how our wisdom is foolishness compared to God’s, and my heart began to calm down. During prayers God led me to take time to pray for Mr. Limbaugh instead of simply bemoaning his existence. My heart actually began to hurt for the man because I could see that there must be some things desperately wrong in his heart and mind for him to speak the way he does. I prayed for God to bring healing to those places. And then I began to have hope. I remembered that I was speaking to someone who is all-powerful. Someone who could really do what I was praying for. So I prayed with a little more faith, and a lot more compassion and peace.
When I was stuck in my feelings about my morning I just wanted to get on Facebook and talk about what an ass Mr. Limbaugh was being. I’m glad I prayed instead. God knows I’m still a mess at this whole being an “image bearer” thing, but God’s ways are always higher than ours…and yesterday reminded me that when we allow it, God will help us move past our feelings and closer to the kingdom.
Let’s take a moment and pray for Mr. Limbaugh today; that God’s truth would shine into his heart. Let’s also pray for all the women and men he has spoken his lies and declamations to; that we would all have healing in our hearts from the pain of his words.

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation (to post angry rants on Facebook) but deliver us from evil (as we take time to actually seek you God) for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

Well as they say at the end of prayers at Richmond Hill: Go in peace to love and serve the Lord and one another…
Amen, and may it be so today Lord.


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